Janathon Day 23: Who is that Masked Runner?

Here’s the downside of a gym that’s affiliated with a hospital (connected to the hospital, in fact, by an enclosed corridor). This is such a Monday thing to happen, I swear.

After running on our dangerously old at-home treadmill with the herky-jerky belt on Saturday, then running outdoors in the cold with Jaime on Sunday, I was really looking forward to a comfy run & long workout at the gym tonight. My husband is out of town til Wednesday, so ahhh, sweet time! I could ride the virtual-course bike straight thru dinner til closing, if I wanted to. I drove happily to the gym in late afternoon, parked & as I was walking along the front offices (which I can see into from the sidewalk), I saw employees in face masks. Stupidly, I thought “… that’s new. Maybe someone in the office is sick, or it’s some kind of protest?”

Then I got in the door. Apparently, there’s a minor outbreak of norovirus in the hospital & the administration has put contagion precautions into effect. So in order to enter the building, you must sanitize your hands & wear a mask for the duration of your visit. How am I going to breathe while running in a face mask?

Thank God, a reprieve. Persons on the fitness floor do not have to wear masks while actually exercising, nor do patrons have to wear masks in the pool area or in shower stalls. But masks are required to & from the fitness floor, around the front desk, in the locker rooms, hallways, etc. The precaution is in effect “until further notice,” which means I saved my mask as I might need it tomorrow.

Needless to say, I ran 2.5 mi. on a treadmill & then came right home. No dallying on the bikes, no sauna, no shower. Who can relax in a face mask? We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Oh, & you know what else is a downside of a gym with physical therapy programs? Old codgers with poor sphincter control exerting themselves on the treadmill next to me. (Sweet Jesus, what’s that smell?) Maybe I should try running with the mask on after all.

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2 Responses to “Janathon Day 23: Who is that Masked Runner?”

  1. Lesley Boniface Says:

    That is so funny – steer clear of the virus – yuck,

  2. abradypus Says:

    Lol. 2.5miles while under attack by chemical weapons. Hardcore.

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