Janathon Day 20: I Wish For My Bed

Today’s photo: the wishbones I save from the chickens we raise. (We eat a lot of chicken & forget to make wishes, apparently.) If I were to make a wish right now, I’d wish I was in bed! I’m exhausted once again.

My fitness report is more of the same. I ran 2.5 mi. at the gym. I’d planned to do 3 mi. & had just passed 2.3 when a maintenance guy came to work on the defunct treadmill right next to mine. The treadmills are close together in a row & the guy had to squeeze between the rails, then crouch down between, to finagle the cover off & get to the mechanics of the belt, etc. I grabbed the handrails as I stared nervously down at his backside, thinking if he bumped my machine, would I stumble & go flying? I was hoping he would get up & go around the front or something, but instead, he took some tools out of his shirt & started operating. I wanted to hiss “Hey buddy, can you work on that later? You’re breaking my stride!” but I was running during non-peak hours (3pm), which I’m sure is why he chose to work on the machine then. My bad. I was too nervous about the guy right there (practically under me!) so I stopped @2.5 mi. & did my weight-machines circuit instead, then stretched out, iced my foot & hit the shower.

Tomorrow, I will have to get up early & run before 9am, or I’ll blow it. I’m going to Boston for the day with friends to see a Shen Yun performance, then eat out in Chinatown. Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon!


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