Janathon Day 19: Run, Bike & Unitard!

Still motivated to exercise, but am steadily losing my motivation to blog. So very tired again tonight. I ran 2 mi. on the treadmill as soon as I got to the gym. My reward for that was going to be a bike ride. Are you sick of hearing about those bikes by now? HA! I want to ride a new route every day, they are that fun. Both bikes were occupied, so I stayed on the treadmill but jacked the incline way up & lowered the speed, to imitate a steep hike. Got up to the same heartrate as running flat, but had enough stability on the belt to look over my shoulder every minute or so, as I watched the darn bikes. I tried mentally willing one of the guys on the bikes to finish. Thanks to Tegan, I considered going over there & staring until one of them gave up his seat! But finally, one sweaty bike-squatter abandoned ship & I made my move. Meanwhile, I’d climbed just over a mile.

I rode the “Farmers Bluff” course (7 mi.). Just as hilly as yesterday’s route & the same length, but spacious digital views of farm fields, barns & livestock on one side, overlooking a great lake on the other. A challenging ride. Once again, my rear end ached & my legs were shaky as I dismounted. Ahh, shower, sauna & home.

OK, now the news: my SwimOutlet.com unitard arrived yesterday! That’s right, I said “unitard.” A synchronized swimmer friend suggested I get one for pool workouts, as she said it’s not likely to give me a wedgie, bind on the chest & best of all, the one-piece shorts eliminate the need for obsessive grooming of the bikini area, HA! When I first saw it, I was stunned by its ugliness. “Only $29.99, & looks every bit the price!” But I tried it on. I did some jumping, twisting, flapping & high kicking. (No one saw me, you can be sure.) No slippage, it held fast & comfortably! Suddenly, it didn’t look that bad. In fact, I kinda like the retro “1920’s bathing beauty” feel of it. Now I wish it came in bold sailor stripes. That would be something!

(Note: That’s not me in the unitard photo… yet. Gimme another 6 months to get there, HA!)

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9 Responses to “Janathon Day 19: Run, Bike & Unitard!”

  1. Travelling Hopefully Says:

    You had me at “eliminate the need for obsessive grooming of the bikini area”…

  2. hjjc Says:

    Hmmmm, I am thinking with all that support and holding in ability, that you will be wearing this 24/7! Just imagine….Eating a big fat jelly donut, but no belly bulge because you sport the unitard! Groovy!!

  3. hjjc Says:

    Running late for an event? Just put a skirt and necklace on over the unitard and poof, you are ready for an evening out.

  4. runtezza Says:

    Bring a sharp stick to the gym and poke the bike hoggers until they get (or better fall) off! Why not also splash out on frilled bathing cap to complete the retro effect in your new cozzie?

  5. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    ha ha ha funny. K wants to know if y’ll model it for him.

  6. meg Says:

    Gosh, I missed the flapping and high kicks in the unitard! I miss ALL THE FUN! Bikini grooming is just the worst. Very unfair if you ask me…

  7. ReNcE Says:

    With the running, biking and swimming, and now the stunning unitard, I think you should forget the half and go Triathlon – You do all the disciplines and now have the uniform!!

  8. swimcyclerun Says:

    Oh the silly things we wear in order to do our exercises! Looks quite cool actually and I’ve seen ladies wearing similar at my pool. I hope it shaves valuable seconds off your swim times… talking of shaving, TMI on the bikin area!

  9. abradypus Says:

    I have a swimsuit very like that one, and it’s fab.

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