Janathon Day 18: The Chickens Suffrage Movement

Today’s photo documents another prank. (The fun never ends.) New Hampshire just had its political primary & Mitt Romney was my husband’s candidate of choice, not necessarily mine. Suffice to say, we often cancel each other out at the polls. Last evening I noticed that the hens seemed to also have chosen Romney, as there was a bright new lawn sign posted just outside their coop! When asked how they would get to the polls, I was informed that they had procured a ride. To which I announced that any hens caught voting Romney would be eaten. To which my husband chuckled & we went on to dinner, other household chores, then eventually went to bed.

Overnight we had a storm with extremely high winds. In the morning, I noticed the Romney sign was gone! “Must have succumbed to the winds of change,” I joked smugly over my coffee. When I left the house a half hour later, I saw the lawn sign had blown down the driveway. Tho tempted to drive over it, I did stop & salvage it kindly :-)

After yesterday’s weak performance, I had a better fitness day today, thankfully. I went to the gym @10am, to beat the crowd. There was a physical therapy group just winding down, so the machines were busy at first… but within 15 min., the flurry of patrons had thinned & I had run of the place. Literally :-)

I ran 2 mi. on a treadmill, sandwiched between a 1/4 mi. walk on either end for warmup & cooldown. Next, I got on one of my beloved bikes. I selected a more challenging 7 mi. course called “Apple Grinder”, which was amusing to me since was designed with scenic Vermont in mind. If it weren’t winter, I could drive 45 min. to the NH/VT border & be in Vermont itself, for some real biking!

Vermont’s real scenery is a lot nicer looking in person, but just as hilly, I’m afraid. This course was quite a workout. My butt started to ache on the seat after 3 mi. & because of the hills, I was not able to keep my heart rate up where I like it to be. As if answering a call, my former yoga/fitness instructor came in & took the bike next to me when I was at the 3.5 mi. mark. We programmed her bike to “Apple Grinder” too & tho she couldn’t catch me, we rode side by side & had a nice chat. I still miss her as my instructor, but I now may end up getting to have more of a friendship with her, as we can talk in ways we couldn’t when I was in class… & as a gym-buddy, she will be a fitness mentor to me nonetheless! Funny how the Universe sometimes works things out for us, in wonderful ways we could never anticipate.


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 18: The Chickens Suffrage Movement”

  1. deepthimurali Says:

    Loved the post!

  2. swimcyclerun Says:

    Very funny. Keep up the good work :)

  3. mary taitt Says:

    ha ha funny! :-D I’d eat those chickens, too!!!

    Congrats on your progress! All you good workouts. I’m glad you enjoyed the company of your yoga instructor.

  4. hjjc Says:

    Political chickens? Really? Only in NH!!

  5. abradypus Says:

    Remind me… is NH the “live free or die” state? (asks the compulsive licence plate spotter)

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