Janathon Day 17: Winding Down

The photo above was taken in a long pedestrian tunnel at the Detroit Metro Airport (I was midway when I stopped to absorb it). The lighted panels along either side slowly change colors & emit ethereal tones. Eerie or consolatory, I wasn’t sure which… but I liked being in there, so I took a picture. I wish I’d thought to video some of it, but being in an airport, I was in a hurry to be elsewhere ;-)

I have nothing left today. I’m completely uninspired. I’m running out of photos in my pre-downloaded file & too tired to search my phone. I’m exhausted cuz I hardly slept (husband snorted like a bear cub all night) & I ate too much dinner (postpranial somnolence). My foot hurts & I’m peeved because today was the Janathon day I did not run a 2 mi. minimum. Instead, I ran a clipped 1.25 mi. in the brief time I had left before an hour long strength-training class, which I did do. I arrived to the gym later than I’d planned & after class, the treadmills were full. I didn’t feel like waiting around to run another 3/4 mi. just to prove a point… tho I confess, if one of the virtual-ride bikes had been available, I’d surely have ridden it until a treadmill opened up (total addict, no question). Both bikes were already manned, however, so I hit the showers & went home. I didn’t have the mental drive to fight my lethargy tonight.

But tomorrow’s a new day. I need to get up at 6:00am so I’ll be tired then too, but hey, it’s still a new day.


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 17: Winding Down”

  1. marktownson Says:

    As you say, tomorrow is another day :-) Keep going!

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    That airport tunnel looks amazing – way better than London Gatwick!!! Hope you have better day today (18th).

  3. Jules Lewis (@jules_lewis) Says:

    Great pic!

  4. Tegan Keren Faulkner (@TeganRunning) Says:

    Tomorrow is a new day you are so right. And remember that every little bit counts for Janathon.

  5. Jen Says:

    Fab photo. Hope today’s been a better day for you :-)

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