Janathon Days 15-16: Loaner Bra & the Drive-by Food Police

Before I get started, I have a confession to make. I had a Janathon blog-fail yesterday. I was just too tired & distracted to do the blogging last night. But I did some running & more, both yesterday & today, plus racked up some new fitness-related laughs (hence the headline).

The business end of things: yesterday, ran outdoors w/Jaime in 5 °F temp (-15 °C), thank you very much. We tried a trail run first, but the snow was a little too deep. We were post-holing over our shoes, risking wet feet & ankle-twisters. Hence, we turned back (ran .3 in, walked .3 back, that’s how much it sucked). Went to a dirt road location instead, where there was pack-ice but no snow. (I was wearing my IceSpikes, so I couldn’t run on bare pavement.) There, we got in a warming 2 mi. run.

Today, I was back at my beloved & well-heated gym. I’d just had my yearly physical exam w/my doctor & was in a very good mood, as she said I do NOT have to stop running on my plantar fasciitis just yet, but to stop taking the high-dose Ibuprofen now & see if I can keep it at bay w/just icing, calf & foot stretches, rollering, etc. If not, I might be in for a cortisone shot next… but that won’t happen until early Feb., so I should be able to complete Janathon. YAY! She was hopeful that we can still turn it around shortly.

Thus, I trotted a jaunty 3.5 mi. on the treadmill (@10:00 pace), did my weight machine circuit, then did a short-but-quick 1.5 mi. on the Expresso bike… cuz you know I can’t leave those bikes alone! “Redwood Dash” was my course du jour, featuring a nice ride through the giant redwood forest of California. Maybe someday I’ll get to do that for real?

Now, the funny stuff: In my haste to get to my doctor appt. in time, I did not wear a bra this morning. “Why bother?” I thought, “…when my doctor is going to tell me to strip & put on a medical gown as soon as I get there?” Once my exam was complete, I went to the gym next, only 5 min. drive from my doctor’s office. As I went to change into my running gear, I realized I had everything I needed except a sports bra. I’d brought a bra, but it was a satin underwire push-up model — not something you’d wear to run 5K!

I must’ve muttered “oh no” aloud as I rifled thru my bag, because a nearby woman whom I’d never met asked my trouble. When I told her, she offered me one of her sports bras for my use!

I was kinda surprised. “Huh?” I said dumbly.

She held it out. “It’s been laundered, I haven’t worn it yet. I put several in my bag at the start of each week.”

“Well, if you’re sure…” I said, snatching it gratefully. Tho it wasn’t as compressively firm as I like for running, it was my best save-the-day option. My underwire bra would only guarantee chafing & since running braless is just plain out of the question for me, a loaner-bra was better than going home, only to run outdoors in the cold! She gave me her card, saying she comes to the gym 3 or 4x a week, so I could just email her once I’d returned it @ the front desk in a bag with her name on it. How trusting is that? I had nothing to give her but my name & gratitude — but I plan to put a little thank-you gift in her bag, some lotion or lip balm perhaps. This is a first: I wore another woman’s bra, rather than scrap my run. HARDCORE!

My other funny concerns my resolution to lose 20 lbs. by May 1st. I am down 4 lbs. for the month thus far. My running pal Jaime knows about my resolution. Saturday, I went to the gym in the morning, then had errands in the same town. I had planned to eat lunch at home, but realized by 2pm that it was not going to happen. I bought one small bag of low-calorie crisps (110 cal./pkg., shown above) & was eating them on my ride home. Out of the blue, I get a text message. It’s Jaime. “Hey, I just passed you on Concord Street & you were eating something! It looked decadent… is that a pastry?”

I pulled over, laughing. WTF, can’t a girl eat a desperate but low-cal snack without getting busted? I wished it was a pastry! I mounted a self-righteous defense over my meager bag of styrofoam crisps & texted back. It’s nice to have a busybody good friend looking out for my best interests :-)

I need the New Hampshire version of this license plate.


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3 Responses to “Janathon Days 15-16: Loaner Bra & the Drive-by Food Police”

  1. Lesley Boniface Says:

    I wondered if I’d missed your blog – I always enjoy reading it in the morning before I start work. Borrowing someone else’s bra is very hardcore and well done for not chucking the run in and going home – which is what I would have done. Great that your friend discourages you from eating bad stuff – all mine are the opposite !

  2. runtezza Says:

    Great post. BRA-vo (geddit?)

    I chortled at the crisps surveillance unit. Big Bro is watching you!

  3. Jaime Says:

    HEY! I am NOT the food police! But I swear you were eating a bear claw!

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