Janathon Day 14: Michelangelo’s David is a Real Turn-On

If you don’t care for mildly rude humor about nudes, read no further. Today’s post is not for you. On the other hand, if you find naked folks entertaining, stick around & join me for a grin! Since I’m a “fitness blogger” this month, I’d like to point out that my Renaissance art pal, David, is one fit dude.

Today’s sports report goes like this: Drag sorry, tired self out of bed @7am. Make coffee, dress & pack gym bag while still half asleep. Drive to gym while drinking said coffee, still half asleep. Park @ gym & proceed… to talk to a Florida friend on cellphone for an hour, while sitting in car drinking coffee & eating my breakfast (an orange & some roasted almonds). Finally, go into gym. Take a yoga class (1 hr.). Get the last open treadmill & start running, while wistfully noting that both Expresso bikes are in use. Just past the 1-mile mark, when I see an Expresso bike is now available! Feel slightly guilty as I stop running & hop on the bike. Ride a new program (“Lost Trail” @3 mi.). Sweat like a fiend cuz this one has more hills, turns & even a spot where you ride “off road” — the tension tightens suddenly, just as it would on a real bike if you went off pavement onto grass! So so fun. After that, I rode “Evening Bliss” again, intended as a pretty “cooldown” ride (2.4 mi.)… but then I saw my “ghost” was riding too, so I had to work hard to pass her. (The Ghost-Rider mimics your previous personal best pace on that program, so if you want to best yourself, you have to race & beat your ghost!) When I finished, I was dripping wet & my legs were shaking as I stood to get off the bike. I’m certain most other gym members were looking at me, thinking, “Geez, is that woman going to drop dead or what?”

Would you guess I couldn’t leave without doing a 2nd mile on the treadmill? I haven’t had a single day under 2 mi. & I wasn’t going to start now… so I got back on a treadmill & ran another mile, then walked a 1/4 mi. cooldown & hit the showers. This was new, however: my doctor was running on the next treadmill, HA! We joked about it later in the locker room. I had come out & passed her as she was coming into the showers, so I pretended to snigger & said, “Ha ha, I see my doctor naked!” She laughed & replied, “I see you naked all the time” which is true, since I’m usually in a paper examination gown when I see her. I said, “My God, you’re right… & you’ll see me naked again soon, cuz I have my yearly physical exam in your office on Monday.” Also true, ironically. She wins, HA!

Speaking of nudes, let’s go back to my lovely Michelangelo’s David switchplate! I bought it during my visit to the Detroit Institute for the Arts in October (2011). It’s for an upstairs room currently being renovated by my husband & an electrician. I can’t install David for my flicking amusement until after we paint, but I bought a duplicate for a longtime friend who appreciates Michelangelo & has a tattoo of the Creation of Adam on his chest. My friend installed his David switchplate pronto, texting me this photo with a thank-you comment along the lines of how he was happily… exploring his latent homosexualityturning David on to see if he performs… enjoying the gift I sent him :-)


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 14: Michelangelo’s David is a Real Turn-On”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    LOL! What a RIOT!!!! I love your funny posts and what a cool switchplate! :-D

    And good work on beating the ghost and running the extra mile afterwards.

  2. Bean Out Running? Says:

    I’m feeling your morning exercise pain. Well done on overriding the bed magnets! I love the way you’re mixing up janathon and getting so many different exercises done. Keep it up. Great blogs.

  3. Lesley Boniface Says:

    That is brilliant – I must look on ebay to see if I can get one! Well done on your gym session

  4. michelle Says:

    love it :) top blog as usual, you really do crosstrain perfectly

  5. abradypus Says:

    [titters] that’s roooood! (now where can I get me one this side of the pond?)

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