Janathon Day 12: Snow Won’t Stop My Run…

…cuz I got the heated gym now, HA! Another enjoyable mixed bag workout day for me. Ran 2 mi. on the treadmill (1st mile @9:20 pace, 2nd mile @10:00 pace). Then 2.6 mi. ride on one of those super cool bikes. I wanted to ride a longer program, but this was all I had time for before the Iyengar yoga class I wanted to take (& did)… but oh, how I really wanted more of those crazy bikes!

Tonight I did a ride called “Evening Bliss”, a relatively easy trek thru a park at dusk. Streaky pink & gold clouds in a lavender-blue sky, nice! Also nice were the squirrels which run across the bike path & a little white terrier who trotted toward me at one point. Er, well, never mind that I sped up & tried to hit them (giggle). Can you see how these virtual-scenery bikes motivate people? My God, they’re fun. The two bikes at my gym are Expresso brand, not the X-Dream which runtezza got to try. Both brands seem great, so much more fun than any conventional stationary bikes. I am so hooked that I want to scrap my Janathon running & get on that bike every time I go to the blasted gym now! I had to force myself to do a run first, so any leftover time & energy can be given to the bike afterward. If I biked first, I’d not run at all, I’m sure of it.

But OK, I’m supposed to be a runner & I still am. I was also a shoveler today, which is why I did not do any bicep curls, torso twists, squats or lunges. I’d already done them! I’m adding 20 min. of brisk path-shoveling to my tally, since the way to the chicken coop & the woodshed have been cleared as a result of that impromptu “workout”. I was shoveling before my trip to the gym & wanting to be quick about it, so I wouldn’t miss my chance to run before yoga… cuz shaking things up on a treadmill after shavasana seems counter-productive to me? As I shoveled the stone stairs to the coop, my underlying thoughts of running brought to mind the movie scene in Rocky, where he runs up the stone stairs in front of the Philadelphia Art museum. Being an artist & a runner, you bet your booty I’d run up the stairs to the Philly Art Museum! Not for the athletic glory, but to be promptly admitted to the museum itself! Not much reason to run up stone stairs to a chicken coop. Nothing but hungry hens & chores up there.


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 12: Snow Won’t Stop My Run…”

  1. abradypus Says:

    What you need is a treadmill with a view, to go with your bike with a view. Great cross-training today. Sounds like a great all round workout and useful to boot.

  2. runtezza Says:

    Get your chickens to watch the movie and see what happens. Thanks for the info about the Expresso — have fun!

  3. Lesley Boniface Says:

    I don’t know whether to say lucky you for the snow or not – if it was in the UK we’d all be stuck at home with no hope of getting to the gym or the shops! The shoveling workout sounds great and I’m sure the hens appreciated it. I wish we had the bike thing in the gym where I am – it’s just a plain old wall or stare at yourself in the mirror ;0)

  4. jo(e) Says:

    My gym needs to get some of those cool bikes! I’ve only seen them in movies ….

  5. michelle Says:

    those gym bikes sound excellent, great cross training today well done

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