Janathon Day 11: Pretty Feet = Ugly Run

I had a great workout at the gym today, but ironically, had my shortest run yet for Janathon! I only ran a mile… because when I’m really tired, I have bad judgement :-(

Here’s what happened. I had a prescheduled 10am pedicure appt. & was also committed to meeting my friend Teresa for power walk at 7:30am. Teresa lives in town (10 min. drive). Both the gym & the pedicurist are in the same next town (normally a 20 min. drive from home, but only 10 min. from Teres’s house). Any sensible, well-rested, organized & efficient woman would have put her gym bag in the car, met her friend for the walk which ended @8:30am, gotten to the gym @8:45am for a run &/or further workout, showered & left by 9:50am to make the pedicure appt. on time. Done! Home before lunchtime, right?

WRONG. I was too tired from too much exercise & too much late-night blogposting/blogreading, so I slept until the last minute. I thought about grabbing my gym bag as I darted out the door — but it was still full of sweaty-wet workout clothes from the night before, plus not pre-loaded w/clean street clothes for today — so I discarded the idea. I drove to town & walked, then drove back home to eat breakfast & refresh my gym bag. By the time I left again, I had to drive straight to the pedicure appt., which I happily enjoyed… until…

I got to the gym & flip-flopped into the women’s locker room… stupidly realizing I had just paid a goodly sum to have my feet buffed & fluffed, my toes painted pink… only to risk them sticking to my socks by hurriedly cramming on my running shoes… & getting into a nice toe-jamming pace on the treadmill? NOT. But I knew if I drove home, I probably wouldn’t run at all. I decided to sulk in the lobby reading junk magazines for the good part of an hour. By the time I bit the bullet & daubed my toes with slippery lotion (smudge insurance?), then laced up my sneakers…

All the treadmills were full, grrr! OK, this is where it gets good. I was forced to do other workout activities for another half hour, until a treadmill opened up. Thus, I rode one of the “virtual scenic ride” bikes. I had the BEST time! It was unbelievably fun & merits a blogpost of its very own. But first, I want to see if I can get a short video of the on-screen riding action, which I’ll need permission to do, since they don’t allow cell phones or photography on the fitness floor (member privacy).

All in all, today’s Janathon fitness report:
•  3 mi. power walk w/Teres (outdoors)
•  did my personal circuit workout (3 sets of reps on 10 machines)
•  biked 3.3 mi. on a “scenic coastal highway” in my target heartrate (average was 151bpm, as I was told my goal range should be 130-160).
•  and finally, I got a treadmill so I could run a measly mile, just to satisfy Janathon!

I was completely wiped out. Took a long shower, dried in the sauna & didn’t get home until 3pm! Ouch, I’m a nonsensical, sleep-deprived, disorganized zombie gym-rat w/pretty pink toepolish (yes, they held up, good as new!). Gee, I don’t remember that being on my 2012 New Year’s Plan?


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 11: Pretty Feet = Ugly Run”

  1. abradypus Says:

    I wonder it it’s the same virtual bike that runtezza’s gym were testing a few months ago. They both sound much more fun than the standard.

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    Nice colour – I think being organised goes out the window in January – I’ve given up trying and just go with the flow! The scenic bike ride thingy sounds great!

  3. teganfaulknerTegan Says:

    Awesome workout day! I love the image of you sat in reception waiting for your pinkies to dry. That’s exactly the sort of thing I would do except I would completely forget and not realise until I took my trainers off and there was nail varnish everywhere!

  4. runtezza Says:

    Is your scenic bike called an x-Dream? They are brilliant, but totally exhausting. As abradypus notes, the ones that were in my gym seem to have disappeared (ex-x-Dream).

    Nail varnish and running socks — what a predicament (not one, I hasten to add, with which I am personally famliar but I see it could be sticky). Perhaps you should have tried a bit of ubertrendy barefoot running?

  5. travellinghopefully Says:

    Note to self – must paint toe nails now that yoga has resumed.

    I love the balance of attention to detail pampering and utterly chaotic organisation.

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