Janathon Day 9: Note to Self

As always, I’ve been leaving notes for myself around the house. But this month, they are boring notes. Most simply say “Run @ (insert time)” or “Go to gym @ (insert time)”. I am still trying different classes (strength, toning, yoga, cardio boxing), so I don’t have a set routine yet. Before my gym membership, my yoga class was always Wed. @ 9am, strength training was Mon. @ 5:30pm. And before Janathon, running was whenever I felt like it. If I missed a day, so what. But now I’m on a mission to not miss a run, so I make a note.

Notes work for me, they keep me on track. I got to the gym for an 8:30am muscle-toning class this morning, then ran 2 mi. on the treadmill (I’d hoped to run 3, but ran out of time) before my 10am fitness-assessment meeting. My assessment was less than thrilling. My body mass index (BMI) is over 25, of course, so I was told to lose some weight. No surprise there. I just announced yesterday that my goal is to drop 20 lbs. by May 1, but the trainer had me goalset for only -15 lbs. toward a healthy BMI. I also had a higher than desirable percentage body-fat-to-muscle ratio, so that’s gotta come down, too. The trainer already had a plan for me. We went over it, now it’s up to me to implement it. Hm, I’d better make some more notes…

So that’s my run/fitness report for today, but I’ll close by sharing some more notes. My husband leaves notes all over the place as well. I never save my own, but I do save his if they amuse me. The one shown at top (“The muffin mouse wuz here…”) was a hint to me that he liked the muffins I made & would like the tin to be refilled at my baking leisure. Sometimes, he’s more direct & will write “bake cookies” on any to-do lists I’ve left laying around.

The coffeemaker is a favorite place to leave a note. Can’t miss seeing it in the morning, as I’d have to be dead to not show up for coffee (um, did that make me sound like an addict?). Ken is using it for a note to himself right now: I see he doesn’t want to forget an 8am meeting, nor to vote right afterward, since he’ll already be in town for the unrelated meeting. This is an “efficiency note.” We both leave notes for the sake of combining trips or tasks in an efficient manner.

Here is one of my all-time favorite notes (at left). It’s a “milestone” note: something exciting happened while I was out & he didn’t want to forget to tell me! I have this note pasted on the inside cover of a sketchbook. Our young cat Wally had caught & killed his first rodent that day. Hey, when you live in the country, a kitten who becomes a good mouser is the best you can hope for, so yes, Ken left me a note & tail as testimony to Wally’s big achievement (“Wally made… A Chipmunk Angel”)!

This last note was penned by my friend Mary. I photographed it on the counter in her kitchen this past October. It says, “Photograph Grim Reaper @ night”. These kinds of notes are what I call “nonsense notes.” They make no sense to the passing reader, but make perfect sense to the note’s author. Because Mary is an artist & writer, her house is littered with these kinds of notes. That same day, I saw another on a cabinet door: “Rabies letter.” I started to laugh. When I see notes such as these strewn about, I know I’m in the home of a very interesting person! Amusing creativity is guaranteed :-)


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5 Responses to “Janathon Day 9: Note to Self”

  1. Jo365 Says:

    Great blog Heidi! I love the fact your husband leaves you notes! X

  2. abradypus Says:

    I just write on my arm as I never have pen and post it notes together :)

  3. mary taitt Says:

    ha ha ha ha! That note from Ken is hilarious (but sad)!!! CUTE!!!!

    Congratulations on your run. I had a good walk yesterday!!!

    I am getting the hugest chuckles and giggles remembering. You made me smile for sure.

  4. mary taitt Says:

    And I love the muffin mouse. (Can you tell I came back to look again and giggle some more?)

  5. runtezza Says:

    A notable post — well done on your toning class and treadmill run and have fun hitting your targets!

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