Janathon Day 7: Short & Sweet

It’s 10:30pm & I’m off to bed shortly… but I did run today, I did log it & all I have left is to blog it: 2 mi. on the treadmill at the gym this afternoon. Tho it was only 2 mi., I am fairly proud of myself. I’ve managed a minimum of 2 mi. consistently for the first week! The high-dose Ibupofen regimen I started January 1 seems to be working for my plantar fasciitis, thank God. I haven’t had nearly as much heel pain. I am continuing to ice & stretch more, too (my foot’s on an ice pack right now). I am feeling hopeful that maybe my doctor won’t say “STOP running!” when I see her on January 16? I will keep taking the 2200 mg Ibu for another 3 or 4 days, then wean off to see where my inflammation really stands at that point. No pun intended :-)

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny & warm for this time of year. I have plans to run with Jaime at 10am. I’ll try to sucker her into doing 4 miles. She usually likes to do 3, but might agree to 4 if I promise we can go slow? I made vanilla meringue kisses today (shown above), so I’ll bring her some as bait. “The more you run, the more you can eat!” With 14 hens, I get lots of eggs, so meringues are a good use for the whites. This pic is an extra large egg one of my ambitious hens laid, ouch! The egg on the left is a normal “large” egg, while the one next to it was huge & “double-yolked” — twins, if it had been fertile, but it wasn’t. I have no rooster right now, so instead of twins, it was breakfast. Mmmm.


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3 Responses to “Janathon Day 7: Short & Sweet”

  1. Natalie Bowers Says:

    Wow! That’s one seriously large egg. Ouch indeed! Well done for running your 2 miles today. Great stuff! :)

  2. Jo365 Says:

    Well done Heidi!

  3. Ballookey Says:

    I guess I could ask Google this question, but how many eggs to hens lay? There used to be a coop in our back garden and I’m interested in having hens again. I found grandma’s laying notebook last weekend, but I don’t know how many hens she had, so the totals don’t mean much to me. :)

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