Janathon Day 6: Friday = Tapped Out

I ran an uneventful 2.2 mi. this morning. But tonight, I’m almost too tapped out to write creatively about it.

As mentioned yesterday, I had a full schedule today (more than 5 hrs. travel in the car, plus a funeral). I knew I would not want to get home from that long a day still needing to run, so I absolutely had to go out this morning, before leaving for the day. I’ve been feeding a friend’s pets every morning this week while she’s away & had to do that before leaving town as well, so I planned to combine that task with my run.

Thus I woke, dressed & ran to my neighbor’s home, no coffee & still blurry-eyed… before I had time to change my mind & drive over. Once there, I had no choice but to run home! 1.1 mi. x 2 = 2.2 mi. total for the day. Killed two birds with one stone before 8am, whew!

It’s now 11pm. I’m exhausted. Janathon runs are working out fine, but this daily blogging is killing me! Here’s a simple photo before I go to bed, just to pretty-up my post: my garden flowers in a window from September. I love flowers for their color. All summer & fall, I cut from our fields & gardens to bring indoors. In winter, awash in gray skies & snowy white grounds, I really miss them. I will probably break down next week & buy some tulips or gerbera daisies, just for their color!


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6 Responses to “Janathon Day 6: Friday = Tapped Out”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    I don’t like daily blogging either–ugh.

    I’ve been blogging a lot because I am posting my mole pix, dunno if I’ll stick with posting about Janathon.

    GOod for you though for running!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice picture! Cheeryt! I didn’t see it when I first looked.

  2. abradypus Says:

    Remember, just as the occasional token run can save your Janathon bacon, so can the occasional “I jogged, I logged, I blogged. ’nuff said” post. Fab flowers by the way.

  3. Jilly Says:

    Good planning! I’m the same, If I don’t exercise first thing before a long day it’s not going to happen, but it takes motivation!

  4. runtezza Says:

    Well done on your multitasking run and the beautiful photo. Hope the funeral was consoling.

  5. Running Dan Says:

    Love the flowers :-)

  6. travellinghopefully Says:

    Beautiful photo! (although I have a sneaky liking for the creepy crawlies that you’ve posted as well). The blogging is definitely the hardest part of this Athon business.

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