Janathon Day 4: Beetles on the Run

Why? Because it’s late, I’m tired & I find myself without sports-related photos. As during Juneathon, I’ve decided to dip into my personal photo file on certain days & post some pics I’ve never published before. Because really, how many times can we look at pictures of each others’ running shoes, our legs & feet wearing running shoes, or other running gear? What you need right now is a good beetle. I commend those who have posted waterfowl, ruminants, pets, fabulous scenery or gruesome injuries. You know who you are :-) My eyes & attention span thank you!

Before I get off on beetles, here’s today’s fitness report! At 7am, it was 1 °F outdoors (that’s -17 °C, I looked that up for my British followers). Needless to say, I went to the gym. Hello, treadmill. 1/4 mi. warm-up walk, 1.5 mi. run, then switched to a cooldown walk for a minute or so… thinking 1.5 mi. was good enough. But oops, I decided it wasn’t. Being sweaty felt kinda good (remind me I said that when August rolls around)… so I ran another 1/2 mi. to tally 2 mi. even. Another 1/4 mi. cooldown walk, then about 15 min. of abdominal work on the mat, 5 min. on the foam roller, some stand-up leg, calf & foot stretches. Hit the shower. Drove home. Done deal :-)

Now, feast your eyes on these lovely creatures (click on photos to see them larger)! I like all kinds of nature things not traditionally favored by women. I like them & I like to hold them! I have no idea what species I’ve got here. They are simply beetles I found this summer & thought were interesting enough for a cuddly photo op. My favorite beetle, which I often see on my dirt road running route in summer is the Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle, Cicindela sexguttata. So gorgeous! Unlike myself, tiger beetles are very fast runners & fly off at the drop of a hat, so they can be hard to catch on film.

I just realized the first subject I ever drew for a sketchbook exchange was a beetle, shown below (from 2008).


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10 Responses to “Janathon Day 4: Beetles on the Run”

  1. abradypus Says:

    I love the sketches, but what on earth is a sketchbook exchange?

  2. Jo365 Says:

    I love your beetle blog! And honesty about pictures of trainers! You’ve inspired me to be less dull and more beetle! Well done. (just off to make a fish finger sarnie)!

  3. Pearl Says:

    beautiful beetles.

  4. runningthomas Says:

    Proves that one person’s “cuddly” is another person’s “run-away-screaming-and-flapping-your-arms”. If that beetle landed on me I’d probably faint.

  5. runtezza Says:

    lovely pictures — your sketches are really lively! Wel done on going the extra (half) mile on the treadmill.

  6. Catherine Says:

    I too love all creepy crawlies (every since childhood) and even have a spider tattoo ;) Love the sketches

  7. Runorgocrazy Says:

    Wow -17 is not something I’ve experienced! Amazing drawings!!

  8. mary taitt Says:

    I love the beetles–the top one looks like a longhorn beetle maybe?

    The other one looks almost like a Japanese only it’s the wrong color. And it’s hind legs are wrong, too, I guess.

    Anyway, I like seeing them and I love your drawings.

    And good work on the running. :-D

  9. travellinghopefully Says:

    Wow – I love your sketchbook. I’ve been given one for Christmas but it’s all blank and scary at the moment, I aspire (in vain) to creating something like that.

  10. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    mee too–I wish my sketchbooks looked like that.

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