Janathon Day 3: Post Run Whoopie!

No, I don’t mean anything naughty. Well, hold on, maybe I do — if you count wickedly sweet desserts as naughty? For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Whoopie Pie, behold! Shown above is the traditional version: two moist, fudgy chocolate cake-cookies cemented together with a generous gob of creamy white frosting. Got milk?

I sampled this bad boy upon returning home from the market today. But not after having done a morning stint at the gym: 2 mi. run (treadmill) with a 3/4 mi. cooldown walk, 1 hr. Vinyasa yoga class & some half-hearted ab exercises on the raised mat. I was at the gym about 2.5 hrs., if you include my ridiculously long, hot shower. No water-saver showerheads there, which is bad for the environment & natural resource conservation, but oh my God, it’s so good on my shoulders! All that beating hard, hot water. It’s like having a free neck & back massage. I haven’t taken the time to try the sauna/steamroom yet, but I’m hoping to do so this weekend.

Back to the Whoopie Pie. Let the record show I have newly found discipline in food restraint, a side effect of Janathon. I chowed only 1/3. I will eat the remaining 2/3 over the next 2 days. Formerly, I would have easily knocked back the entire thing in one short, blissful session. “But real athletes don’t do such things… do they?” she asks, piteously ;-)


2 Responses to “Janathon Day 3: Post Run Whoopie!”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Mmmmmm! That whoopie pie looks gorgeous. Such self restraint you have to be able to resist it.

  2. mary taitt Says:

    MMmmmmmm I love whoopie pies, but I can’t EAT them any more! :-(

    good for you for running! :-D

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