Janathon Day 2: Now, About a Plan?

Day 2 of Janathon & I still have no plan. In my haphazard way, I did run 2.4 mi. outdoors @ 3:30pm, in a very light sleet. It was fairly pathetic. In my haste to get it over with, I didn’t take music with me. I was hungry, thus feeling weak. And my foot was hurting (more on that in a moment). If I am mentally sagging on Day 2, I’m in trouble! Traditionally an “off-season” for runners here in northern New England, maybe January is not a good month for me to choose running as my primary pursuit for Janathon? Hold that thought while we go back to my foot…

Plantar fasciitis kinda bad, left foot. Yes, I’ve had it before, so I’m sure I recognize it. I started having some issues back in early October, but thought I could foot-stretch it away quickly. No. By November, I was massaging it, more stretching, some icing. Still no. The holidays came & I slacked off to only running once a week, thru Thanksgiving, thru Christmas. Um, still no. So 3 days ago, I started high-dosage Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation (2200mg daily total). I have a doctor’s appt. on the 16th, which means halfway thru Janathon I could be told to STOP running completely (Nooooooooo!!!)… if I’m not already healed from my self-imposed 10 days of Ibu, plus icing & stretching like a fanatic between now & then?

All this taken into account, it’s difficult for me to smack down that gnawing little voice in my head which chirps “You ran 76.5 mi. in June! Amazing for you, remember? You can do better. You want to run 80-90-100 this month, don’t you? Don’t you?!!” Yes I do… oh, I do!

Special thanks to Mark (167 mi. for Juneathon), for stating outright that his goal this time includes easing up on a push for mileage, in order to round out his entire challenge experience. Did I see his comments just in time to save my foot from folly? I hope so. I want to do my first ever half-marathon this year. To be ready for spring training in earnest, I simply cannot have a bum foot. I have to be 100% healed by April. Can I do that if I run 80 to 100 miles in January? I don’t know. I’m going to have to play it by ear… well, by foot, actually :-)

Thinking is over. Bedtime now, to dream of being a successful planner! But before I go, my photos today: my 2012 planner. While shopping for planners, I thought the cover (above) merely abstract art at first. Then I opened it (below). Once I saw the bright, beautiful hen inside, I realized the egg on the cover. SOLD! :-)


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6 Responses to “Janathon Day 2: Now, About a Plan?”

  1. marktownson Says:

    Thanks for the mention :-) Great blog…as always :-)

  2. mary taitt Says:

    Good luck with all of this. Hope your foot feels better!

  3. Jamathon « runtezza Says:

    […] jammy (for Henniemavis this means unwarrantedly lucky) today, as having read of the doughty exploits of the likes of 6pac […]

  4. Helen Says:

    Hope your foot gets better soon. Don’t worry about the mileage, get yourself well as they’ll be another Janathon next year. Assuming the world doesn’t end, of course.

  5. abradypus Says:

    Short term vs long term goals is strangely hard, isn’t it? Knowing that not running now will help running later doesn’t seem to make it any easier not to run now. Fingers crossed your doctor has that magic wand!

  6. Jo365 Says:

    Ouchy foot, had the same thing, it’s painful. Well done and keep at it Heidi. xx

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