Juneathon 29: A Purrrrfect Ending Very Soon

Another stiff, peg legged 2 mi. run today. Running late again (7pm) cuz I’m very busy at work, plus I’m nearly at rock bottom motivationally. My legs are killing me, especially the muscles on either sides of my shins. I’m just about out of gas. I ran 2 mi. to be sure I get to 75 miles total for the month. I only need 1 mile to get there & I have all day tomorrow.

I am scheduled to run with Jaime after work, so there’s no way I can blow it. In fact, our usual route is about 2.2 mi., which practically guarantees me a 76 mi. finish (barring emergencies) on June 30.

What’s next? Well, I’ve designated our cat, Eddie, as my personal trainer thru the long weekend. He has amazing endurance at holding things down. Pics shown here feature him holding down a handbag, an empty box & a boot tray. He’s planned a grueling recovery schedule for me: lots of lying about, napping, light stretching, more lying about & absolute NO blogging (he can’t type for shit). I can’t wait! I am also looking forward to buttoning up 2 art projects which I have continued to shamefully neglect, one of which only involves some photography & — oh crap — blogging! Hmm, see? This is why I need a coach! Eddie may be inclined to make a small exception for that if I offer tuna treats as a pay off since it’s not fitness related & if I promise to blog in bed or from the sofa. That would qualify it as relaxing, I hope.

Happy upcoming last day of Juneathon!


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10 Responses to “Juneathon 29: A Purrrrfect Ending Very Soon”

  1. mike Says:

    Less than 24 hours and your legs are gonna love you.

    You’ve come so far this month, don’t let Eddie get you too far off track. A 15K/10-miler ago, you were dreaming of a half marathon.

    You’ve got some undeniable base fitness, you do speedwork, and you can definitely tackle and defeat the half marathon.

    Well, rather than job-blog-log each day, just look forward to a kip a day. You’ve earned it. Eddie, too.

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! Mike… it’s just for a long weekend. I’m only laying off run training for 4 days, I swear. It’ll be OK, hon, my half marathon’s not til September :-)

      (Hey, didn’t you take the entire month of Feb. off from blogging after Janathon? I kinda remember missing you, ya crazy galoot.)

  2. Jo365 Says:

    Love Eddie the personal trainer!! Love the handbag too looks very cool! Am going to miss all our banter, stay in touch and keep running!!(have a few days off first) xx

  3. abradypus Says:

    You need to get Eddie to sit on you … that’s definitely the best way to relax.

  4. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    I love love love your sense of humor–your blog posts always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. This was an LOL!!!!!!! Thanks for the good cheer. Good luck with holding things down–an admirable goal!

    We’re kind of frantic here–so much going on. Company coming, among other things. I don’t expect to be holding much down in the near future, but I do plan to get my exercise in EVERY DAY.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I will probably still get some kind of daily exercise… but I just won’t run every single day. My leg muscles need repair time. Ideally, I would prefer to go every other or every 3rd day, for consistently longer distance. Meanwhile, I still have yoga & strength training classes each week, plus there’s walking & I plan to add biking, now that our weather is finally nice! Wish we could do some of these things together. Waaaahhh!

  5. shazruns Says:

    Feel guilty that we are done and you still have one to go. Look forward to reading about it. Ginger cats are the best

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