Juneathon 27: Giant Step for My Running Career

A quick post tonight, but it’s a biggie. I ran 2 mi., which is normally a meager distance… but today, those 2 meager miles put my total at 70 mi. for the month. When my total was 20 or 30 or 40, it didn’t sound like a lot. Seventy, now that sounds like a lot. I would like to have run longer, but this week is a very busy work week for me. I will be working long hours & any regular readers should well know by now that I have issues with getting enough sleep. I just don’t know how much running I will be able to squeeze into these last few days (am going back to work as soon as I finish this post).

Anyway, today’s oddball photo is the footprint of a giant chicken. I snapped it on a hike 2 years ago. It’s actually a cluster of tree roots on the trail up Bald Mountain, but it’s more fun to see giant chicken tracks on the path. Tree roots are a dime a dozen.


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8 Responses to “Juneathon 27: Giant Step for My Running Career”

  1. mike Says:

    Now before this whole competition, that’s what we thought your foot was look like after 70 miles of non-stop daily running.

    You’ve got Junethon in the bag now. Even 75 miles is such a pretty number. Time for cruise control unless you have a surprise in your bag. Meanwhile, good idea. Work and sleep. Enjoy.

  2. paintedrunner Says:

    Congratulations on making 70 miles. Well done

  3. abradypus Says:

    70miles is fantastic, especially when being chased by a giant chicken.

  4. thighwillbegone Says:

    Congratulations on your 70 miles! That’s wonderful.

    And great pic of the chickens foot. Is that why you can run so far? Because the chickens are so big?

  5. mary taitt Says:

    Keith and I LOVE your sense of humor, and congratulations. They do add up! YAY YOU!

  6. archiehartwright Says:

    That is a great total, well done.

  7. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks, everyone! :-)

  8. nicky192 Says:

    Well done. 70 miles is awesome. As is chicken foot

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