Juneathon Days 25 & 26: Internet Down, Miles Up

Our Internet was down Saturday thru this morning, so I couldn’t blog last night… but I’m now able to report that I finally had an inspiring weekend! A break in the weather was a major boost. Saturday morning was cloudy, but NO rain & by afternoon, the skies had cleared! Today offered more sun, tho it poured last night, keeping temps somewhat cool (high 60s). Running was quite comfy. Because of this, I managed some longer runs, too — rather than a perfunctory mile as a bad weather cop-out. Lastly, the nasal spray seems to kicking in. My coughing was lessened on today’s run, my breathing easier. Woo hoo, good news all around :-)

Saturday, I wanted a longer run with a change of scenery. I drove to the old railbed, where the tracks have been removed, to create a long wide path for walking, running & cycling in summer (or snowshoeing, XC skiing or snowmobiling in winter). I haven’t been there in probably 2 years. I was thinking of Travelling Hopefully & her canal running as I trotted along with the Contoocook River alongside (say ‘con-TOO-kuk’). Her virtual canal tours inspired me to take these pictures along the way, tho it slowed my run time: 5.4 mi. in 1:01:06. Some signs along the path read “SLOW.” Not to worry, I was!

It was a great run. I had looked on MapMyRun.com to plan a turnaround point in advance. I chose a bridge going under a road as my marker. As I ran, I was feeling good enough that I was already planning to go beyond there… but when I came to the bridge, I saw this:

It was deeply flooded, from all the rain we’ve had! I was wearing my trail runners, but this muddy water would be over my ankles. I considered climbing the embankment & going across the road — but on further inspection, found the grassy slopes covered in poison ivy! Disappointed but not foolhardy, I stuck to my original plan & simply turned around. Juneathon be damned, 5.4 mi. would have to be good enough…

On the way back, lovely stretches lined with pines…

And open areas where the water passed under me thru concrete culverts…

Finally returning me to my start.

Today’s run was more joy! We drove down to my inlaw’s little lakeshore cottage in MA, to help them open it for the season. I dressed for my run in advance, so I could slip out for a jaunt before others arrived & the cleanup began. I had no time to choose a route in advance, instead letting my husband recommend one. He explained a loop of mixed paved & dirt roads going thru the quaint village of Phillipston, guessing it was about 5 mi. in total. He was close. I checked it on MapMyRun when we got home: I ran 4.7 mi. (50:40).

So I racked up just over 10 mi. this weekend, bring my monthly total to 68 mi. I’m pretty happy with that, all things considered — the biggest thing being that 2 years ago, I was just starting to run! I have my mile totals handwritten in a date planner going back to January. Maybe I will back-enter them into RunningFreeOnline, to see my total for the year? I can’t even fathom a guess. Juneathon has made me curious to know.


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7 Responses to “Juneathon Days 25 & 26: Internet Down, Miles Up”

  1. mike Says:

    That rails-to-trail is beautiful, minus the poison ivied graffiti part. And you’re knocking out 10 miles in the final Juneathon weekend? How did you do that?

    Actually, maybe you’ve revealed how with today’s run. You’re making plans around running? And fitting running in?
    Building your readers’ perfunctory vocabulary?
    Battling through illness and allergies?
    Why so many questions?

    Because your efforts have been so impressive. Thanks for letting us follow you through Juneathon.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I confess that you were right about Juneathon. Having the psychological pressure of a public committment & the support of a group going on, well yes, my mi./week average is up… tho my performance times are still slow, it’s been fun trying to fit in runs in the face of all odds. I’m kinda proud of my total, even with 4 days left! And miraculously, I didn’t get any injuries. I’m stronger than I think?

      Hey, I said I’d give you credit no matter what…. thanks, Master Shifu! (You did see Kung Fu Panda… right?)

  2. runtezza Says:

    Lovely pictures –thanks!

  3. thighwillbegone Says:

    What a beautiful place to run. Lovely post today and well done on your distance. So glad that you’re feeling better.

  4. shazruns Says:

    Suffering runners envy again, what a fantastic spot to be able to run. Well done on the mileage too

  5. abradypus Says:

    Well done for identifying the poison ivy… That wouldnt have been fun.

  6. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks, all!
    @shazruns: I have runners’ envy of you, for your monthly mileage. I think I will try for 100 mi. next time but even then, I won’t touch your total!

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