Juneathon Day 24: Being a Good Sport

It rained all day today (so tired of reporting that). At least it was a light drizzle. It was chilly, only 57 degrees. I could not bear another pathetic mile on the treadmill, so I ran outdoors. Jaime was game too, since she had not run in 3 days. We just didn’t care. Did a 2 mi. run, hilly dirt road. It was OK. Certainly better than the last 2 days of late night treadmill!

In other news, I’ve been looking for more & better sports bras, as I’ve found that running daily means… a.) any sports bras I own are constantly in the laundry, and b.) they generally don’t flatter one’s figure (designed for immobilization, not a complimentary look) so when you’re always in one, you’re not looking your best. I can’t be bothered with changing clothes multiple times a day, so I often wear the sports bra all day. Fashion fail.

Solution: The Under Armour Endure Sports Bra has great support & gives a nice look! Even on hangers, they’re flattering (see above photo). Expensive, but worth every penny once I tried it on. I tested the compression by jumping around the fitting room. Sold! Bought 2 on the spot :-)

What I really wanted was a Wiffle bat & ball! Haven’t played that since college. It would be fun to hit around the yard. When the sun comes out, I mean. If we ever get a summer. Or if I could convince anyone to play with me. I might go back & get one. The right dinner party gang might play? (Persuasion by wine helps.)

Last item on today’s fitness report: I went to the doctor this afternoon, for my extreme fatigue & lingering cough. Thankfully, I don’t have pneumonia, consumption or mono. Seems my “cold” is actually progressive allergies! I was told some people develop stronger allergies later in life & I’m one of them? Trees. I’m allergic to trees. Which is unfortunate since living amid forest, we have a lot of them. So now… we will have a lot of nasal spray.


6 Responses to “Juneathon Day 24: Being a Good Sport”

  1. Jo365 Says:

    Oh no! Allergic to trees and living in a forest!!! That’s bad news :0(

    Loving the sports bra theme, they are hideous! Mine are wrecked, need a new one!

    Not long to go and we can have a day off!!! Yay!!

  2. Catherine Henderson Says:

    Tree allergy – Thats a new one!
    Shock absorber run bras are also really good (but again expensive)
    Lets hope for less rain for our last juneathon week!

  3. thighwillbegone Says:

    I need to find a new sports bra too. I plumped for the compression ‘None shall move’ option and wear two bras. I thought it sounded crazy until I tried it!

    Sorry to hear about your allergies! I had a similar reaction to you when I visited the states last spring. We stayed with some friends who live at the edge of a huge woodland. I thought I had flu. I was exhausted and couldn’t breathe. I’ve never had tree pollen allergies before. Mind you, everything was covered with thick yellow pollen and even the locals were suffering that year! Unfortunately my allergies kicked in this year back in England when the trees came into pollen…but nowhere near as bad as in North Carolina!

    I hope you feel better when the drugs kick in!

  4. abradypus Says:

    One of my bras is so supportive that I’m not strong enough to do it up! I hope the nasal spray is effective.

  5. meghan Ling Says:

    Wiffleball sounds like fun, I’ve been leaning towards badminton but that droopy net wouldn’t enhance the sale of our house so I guess that’s out for now…
    gosh, I have had extreme fatigue and a cough lately as well. Allergies?

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