Juneathon Day 23: The Many Nuances of Wet

I was supposed to run 3 mi. with Jaime today after work, but as usual, it was pouring rain. Neither of us really wanted to cancel, so we were discussing by phone the prospect of still meeting up, each staring out our respective windows to assess the scenario…
“Well, it’s steady but not really pelting… the forecast said ‘showers’ which implies it could let up…”
“So ‘rain’ means steady, but ‘showers’ means alternating light then heavy?”
“I don’t mind steady, but it’s only 58 degrees.”
“I mean, heavy mist or drizzle @ 70 degrees is one thing… but cold & soaked?”
“It’s been raining 6 out of 7 days a week for a month now… it’s pissing me off!”
“Hey, I’m not the one trying to run every day. I’m fine to try again tomorrow.” (That was Jaime, not me.)

We decided that if we have to spend 15 min. hawing over whether or not it’s raining so heavily that we’d be idiots to go out, then we’re cancelled. But I still had to run! So I did the treadmill for a 2nd miserable day in a row. One sad mile, but a mile nonetheless. The good news is I must be less afraid of getting hurt, cuz I ran a little more confidently (faster) on it — 11:39 today. Still thoroughly boring, tho.

The bad news: my cold is perhaps not better after all. I thought I was getting better over the weekend, but my husband says not. I do seem to have a lingering cough (humid weather isn’t helping my lungs dry out). And I am exhausted all the time (staying up after midnight blogging doesn’t help that). Husband is starting to nag about calling/seeing my doctor, which I may have to do tomorrow.

These photo(s), taken today, made me smile. Yes, it’s the woodshed again… but look in the nearly empty bay. Do you see a guest, getting in out of the rain? (Click either photo to enlarge it.) A porcupine was drying his quills & resting in there for over an hour this afternoon. I guess he’s also tired of being wet!


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6 Responses to “Juneathon Day 23: The Many Nuances of Wet”

  1. Jo365 Says:

    Ah how cool is that! Well done on your mile on the ‘dreadmill’ xx

  2. abradypus Says:

    You have the most amazing selection of wildlife in your back garden!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Yes, it’s true… but we have a black bear who keeps breaking the door off the chicken coop (repairs 3x so far this summer). And a moose tromped thru the veggie garden last month, before we shored up the fence. Our local wildlife is mostly wonderful, but sometimes inconvenient ;-)

  3. runtezza Says:

    Fabulous photos — and hope the cold goes away immediately!

  4. runorgocrazy Says:

    Wow that was pretty cool!! Well done on getting your daily run in anyway.

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