Juneathon Day 21: How To Forget Your Legs

I found a way to forget one’s tired, aching legs: make one’s forearms, biceps, shoulders & back hurt badly enough that one no longer notices those sore legs, knees & feet! Hey, I didn’t say it was an enjoyable relief, but it does work.

I finished stacking the woodshed this morning, so my evening run seemed like a cinch by comparison: 2.2 mi. in 21:33, which isn’t half bad for me, considering how crushed my body is right now & that my first mile was up terraced hills. The downhill running home felt oh so sweet! Nice temperature, too. I love sunny summer days that don’t get much above 75 degrees.

Here’s my real achievement, tho: Firewoodathon is complete! I started with the photo above. After stacking the wood already flung in a heap above the wall, I had a partial sense of accomplishment…

I finally managed to get all the wood flung up above the wall, but not yet stacked. I could now mow the tall grass that had grown up around the pile & rake up detritus, to neaten the area. A tidy country yard is hard to come by. Fields & forests tend to be messy by design, never mind loose chickens & such…

And finally, TA DA! Mission complete :-)

My husband was quite pleased when he returned from his trip to find I had knocked that big chore off the list. I had been hoping it would be a surprise, as he does not visit my blog but rarely. I had forgotten, however, that he follows my Twitter on occasion. Normally he sees & ignores my Tweets in the face of his stocktip-trader pals, but my mention of “Firewoodathon” last night piqued his interest & he clicked my link, thus spoiling his surprise a day early! My fault entirely. Boy, it’s true when they say you should assume that everyone sees everything you post online. Loose lips sink surprises, oops!


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10 Responses to “Juneathon Day 21: How To Forget Your Legs”

  1. HJJC Says:

    You will remember this when you are toasty in January : )

  2. shazruns Says:

    Am very impressed and very unsurprised that your arms are aching

  3. abradypus Says:

    I’d wondered how much wood was is a cord and now I know…lots! No wonder you ache.

  4. archiehartwright Says:

    So that’s what a woodstore is meant to look like!

  5. jogblog Says:

    Flipping heck, that looks like hard work. I hope iliketocount doesn’t see this or he’ll be expecting me to do the same to his woodstore!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Funny! The day I started stacking (Day 19), Jenks said he was tempted to redirect his wife to my post. My next blogpost may feature a day of doing nothing but eating good chocolate & getting a pedicure, at my husband’s expense. That should even things out, I’d say :-)

  6. mike Says:

    What an effort.
    It is kinda funny, isn’t it? That you have that wheelbarrow just begging for attention.

    You have really revealed boundless energy, tempered only by the fact that you don’t get enough sleep. Take care of those arms.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Wheelbarrow has a flat tire, revealed in Day 19’s post… why it’s upside down, a worthless piece of junk :-(

      Re: not getting enough sleep… “Hey Pot, you callin’ me black? Love, Kettle” :-)

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