Juneathon Day 17: This Country Mouse Takes a City Run

I’m happy to report a decent run of 4.6 mi. today (48:02) & some photos that actually correspond to my day! As told yesterday, between 2 & 4pm was my only window of opportunity to run… unless I wanted to go out now (11pm). Thank God, I didn’t have to sink that low. At 1pm, I got into my running duds & wished like hell the weather wouldn’t be too bad. Drove into Keene, NH. Ooo, that’s the closest thing to a (somewhat) urban area near me. You know, movie theaters, gas stations, a small college, chain restaurants, shopping plazas… the works! Big change of scenery in contrast to my usual dirt road routes, bordered only by woods, fields, ponds & a few houses. I was looking forward to it. Flat again, since Keene is in a valley. What’s not to love?

Gave over my car & keys to the tire guys mid-afternoon. “OK, call my cell if there’s a problem… I’m going for a run, I’ll be back in an hour.” And off I went!

Only ran on sidewalks one other time (in OR), but these streets were busier. Zoom, zoom, tons of cars. Lots of exhaust fumes. No one paying attention. I swear, every single driver was eating or talking/texting on their phones. Scary. There were many intersections, traffic lights, etc. so I had to remember to look carefully for cars that might turn into me from the left or right, or cars that might not stop for me crossing. Plus, I often had to pause while jogging in place, to cross with the light. Nerve wracking stress I wasn’t used to. Twice I almost stepped off the curb & narrowly avoided rolling onto someone’s hood!

Was glad I did not take music, to be as alert to sight & sound as possible for safety reasons. The wonderful side effect of no music was how I got to really experience everything along the route. The sights, sounds, smells were all so vivid! I saw men in business suits, mothers w/babies in strollers, college kids hanging out on benches. The coffee shop & chocolatier smelled divine! The architecture was great. I went thru part of Keene State College, past pretty shop windows, the Keene Public Library, up & down tree-lined Main Street. Time flew by & next I looked at my watch, it was time to turn around & head back.

Yes, it rained. Not pelting hard, but I was out long enough to be wholly soaked — half from sweat, half from the drizzle. Whatever. I picked up my car, drove to a McDonald’s across the street & changed into a skirt & fresh top in their restroom. I was amused changing clothes in a public bathroom stall. Trying to remember the last time I did something like that. Let’s not go there. Juneathon is making me do odd things!

Forgot to throw a bath towel in the car, so I used my shirt. Fingered my hair into curls, put on a little makeup & bingo, ready for a nice dinner with Cathi, who met me at Thai Garden. Mmm, Curry Coconut Vegetable Soup & Pad Thai tastes all the better after working up an appetite :-)

Note: I didn’t want to get my phone wet taking pics during my run. Fortunately, I was driving the same route on my way out to dinner, so I took these from my car for your virtual tour. Serious runner, serious blogger.


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10 Responses to “Juneathon Day 17: This Country Mouse Takes a City Run”

  1. shazruns Says:

    To clarify that was not a bathroom stall you changed in but a ‘loo’ or WC. Great to run somewhere different isn’t it (except for the car drivers I mean)

  2. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    So glad the run went reasonably well. We’re in Syracuse, NY, and walked in Oakwood cemetery with daughters and grandson and it rained on our walk–but not hard. We walked into ESF. I took pix, haven’t downloaded them yet.

  3. abradypus Says:

    Yup. That pretty much describes my standard running enviroment. Except that over here we run on the pavements ;)

  4. Jaime Says:

    you are so adventurous!

  5. runtezza Says:

    Great post — with the photos it felt like I was doing the run myself, but without the effort or risk from close encounters with distracted drivers. Thanks, & take care out there!

  6. mike Says:

    You really went back and took pictures? You’re nuts. A good nuts.

    Here’s a tip, maybe the British can concur.
    “Plus, I often had to pause while jogging in place, to cross with the light.”
    We don’t jog in place anymore.
    We just stop and wait. :-)

    • henniemavis Says:

      I didn’t go back to take pics, I was going that way again, to get to the Thai restaurant after my tire appt. Skimmer!

      But if I stop moving at every light, isn’t that… [she lowers her voice] cheating?

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