Juneathon Day 15: Zombie on the Run

Let’s get the random photo over with first. I laughed when I came upon this one. Took it last October. Someone along Rte. 202 had it parked by their mailbox for Halloween. I drove by it for weeks & it always creeped me out, so I finally stopped & took a picture of it.

I am a zombie myself. Still wracked with intermittent coughing, chills, headache, this stupid cold seems slow to exit. And with all my work backing up causing lack of sleep, my concentration is shot to hell. But I exercised plenty today: 3 mi. power walk w/a friend @ 7:30am, then an hr. yoga class @ 9am… then, a run @ 6pm… but only 1.25 mi. because…

I took a gamble & lost. Track Night for the Milers running club is Wed. night, so I drove down to the high school even tho the sky was filling with dark clouds. Sure enough, I got in only 5 laps (but including some speedwork) before the thunder started. Heavy rain was right behind it. This was disappointing on so many levels. One, I wanted to do at least 2.5 mi., as it’s a flat course. Two, I wanted to do some speedwork training. Three, it’s a 17 min. drive each way to the track, so I drove 34 min. round trip for a <15 min. workout. Four, I’m sick of getting rained on every time I go outside. Really, really sick of it.

Perhaps I’m getting sick of Juneathon? Or maybe I just need a run of 10 hrs. sleep to feel better. I swear, Friday night, I am climbing into bed before dark. I can’t wait! It’s only Thursday morning & I’m already fantasizing lustily about it… oooo, a long, hard sleep… mmmm!


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4 Responses to “Juneathon Day 15: Zombie on the Run”

  1. runtezza Says:

    Love your tag list! We are all sick of Juneathon but it’s not allowed!!

    Sweet dreams when friday comes.

  2. runorgocrazy Says:

    What a slightly frightening photo!! This is the difficult part of Juneathon, you’ll make it no problem!

  3. abradypus Says:

    [sings] go to sleep, dear Hennie,
    Close your zombie eyes
    Angels up above you
    Peeping at you dearly from the skies
    Great big moon is shining
    Stars begin to peep
    Time that all the zombie Hennies were fast a sleep

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