Juneathon Day 14: More Running, More Birds

Another short one, both blogpost & run: only 1.4 mi. around the Village. I’m still looking for flat runs with no hills, as I wait for my cold to go away. Too short a distance to bother timing it. I intended another mile, but it started raining moderately & I got fed up. Ran back to the car. I’m getting very sick of rain. It’s been misty &/or raining every day since last Friday, with temps of 60 degrees or less. Enough already. I’m starting to feel like we won’t get a summer this year.

Today’s photos are of a nest behind our shed, built on the side of a ladder hanging there. A robin built a nest there last year, too (same individual?). The pic of the eggs was taken May 25. The other photo is the chicks today. Last week, they were ugly red skin with no feathers. By now, they’re more photogenic. By the weekend, they may fledge… so I’d better keep the cat in!

This daily blogging thing is starting to get me. I’m behind at work, my health is run down (from lack of sleep?) & I’m also tapped out of motivation for anything else… like a group art project I really need to finish! Tomorrow marks the halfway point for Juneathon, but I need to readjust & refocus now. I’m kinda glad my husband is about to leave on a trip. It will give me some alone time to regroup, without any third-party interruptions or thoughts of household chores like making dinner every night, doing laundry & dishes, etc. Let’s hope I make some serious progress on some other things besides running & then blogging it!


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10 Responses to “Juneathon Day 14: More Running, More Birds”

  1. thighwillbegone Says:

    Lovely post and great pictures! What a fabulous find!

    Juneathon is taking over my life too :) my OH complained yesterday that if I wasn’t actually exercising, I was blogging, reading blogs or talking about running. Obsessed much!?!

    Good luck with getting your other stuff done! I’ll be thinking of you as I desperately try to get mine done too!

  2. Notmuchofarunner Says:

    How cool :-)
    These colds have a lot to answer for don’t they though! Grrrrr… Really hope you feel better soon.

  3. Jaime Says:

    What is wrong with you Juneathoners?? Can’t you just blog something simple, like” Run 2 miles today. It was rainy.”? the blogging seems to stress most of you out! I am all about NO STRESS!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      But who wants to read that? Snoooooooze! Not too late to join, just sayin’. We can discuss it on our run tomorrow… which counts for my Juneathon, thank God! (whew, cuts out some of my stress)

      • Jaime Says:

        Ya you are right, no one would probably read my blog. Boring! BUT I would not be stressed out and thats most important! Its too late for me to join Juneathon! If it was an athon to exercise everyday I would do it, but not to run everyday. Thats just crazy.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Jaime, you don’t have to run… you get to decide what your fitness goal will be for the month. I picked running every day, but you can do what you want. Others pick swimming, or biking, or combinations of fitness activities. There’s Janathon too (same thing, but in January). Read more about the (loose) Rules of Juneathon here.

  4. mike Says:

    You should do the “Ran 1.4 miles today. Fun” just to spite us all.

    Cute robins.

    Now get back to work.

  5. abradypus Says:

    Just as the dressing gown dash is a perfectly acceptable Juneathon activity in extremis, the “jogged, logged, blogged” is fine from time to time. :)

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