Juneathon Day 10: Choking Before Race Day?

It’s a good thing my chicks arrived, otherwise I’d have been overrun with disappointment today. Nothing like soft, peeping chicks to soothe the soul :-) All 6 arrived safe & healthy. Black ones = Barred Rocks. Stripey brown ones = Araucanas. Little blonde numbers = Buff Orpingtons. All = ridiculously cute!

Wish they could soothe my throat :-( I can’t believe it. I started getting hoarse last night. At first I hoped it was just allergies or some extra rasp from running/panting so much this week. It got worse. I tried denial, but it’s now officially a “sore throat.” Hurts. A lot. Judging from the burn in my eyes right now, I might have a fever. I’m afraid to check. I don’t wanna know.

I started gargling with salt water, took extra vitamins & will go to bed in about 10 min., I swear. I hestitate to take drugs especially before a long run, but I might, depending on what my 5am wakeup call brings. I am not missing this race, damnit. I ran my first winter straight thru this year & have been training for this distance all spring & early summer. It’s a 3-hr. drive to get there. I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, save when I had no car in college & had to ride my bike to work 12 mi. round trip 4x/week one summer. This race has been on my hit list for over 2 years! I do so few races each year, choosing only one as my new goal — first 5K, then 10K, now 10 miles — I have always been in good health on race day, until now.

And yes, I swore a pre-race rest day… but I walked 1/4 mi., then ran the 1/4 mi. back, just to be a Juneathon stickler. And to see what running with the makings of a headcold feels like. Feels like shit. So unbelievably unfair! But hey, it could be worse? Let’s hope it doesn’t go there by tomorrow!

Note: Sorry ’bout the blown out group shot above. The young ladies are under a red lamp for heat & my camera didn’t like that color light, apparently? Why darkrooms use red light, I presume? I know little about photography, thus another learning-curve benefit of Juneathon!


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7 Responses to “Juneathon Day 10: Choking Before Race Day?”

  1. christine e-e Says:

    oh no! can you just that it slow? and finish? or was your goal to complete it in a particular time? will the weather hamper you? do you get migraines?
    if it was the choice between a migraine & completing the race?? I would have to forgo the race.
    the reason I mentioned migraines is because sometimes my sinus infections trigger migraines. no fun!
    keep us posted…
    cute chicks…

  2. christine e-e Says:

    oops! second sentence should have been… “can you just run it slow?” I don’t know how the other mumble-jumble happened?

  3. mike Says:

    Thanks for the very cute pics, the kids will love them.

    As for the sore throat, all of your treatments and that healthy dose of Juneathon have to give you some improvement. Your persistence to do the race makes sense. Since it’s a new distance for you, you’re guaranteed a PR, so if you need to hold back a little, it’ll still work out.

    Make the best of that 3 hour ride, maybe plan how you’ll “chick” some guy near the finish line.

  4. shazruns Says:

    Yep they are cuter than the millipede. Feel better soon

  5. abradypus Says:

    Cute chicks! Sleep well. Knock your cold on the head. Have a fabulous race!

  6. henniemavis Says:

    @shazruns & abradypus: Thanks, you two! Am resting today… mostly ;-)

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