Juneathon Day 9: Apple Blossoms & Orioles

Despite these serene photos, today’s weather was a bear. I planned to meet my Couch25K-in-training chum for an early outing, as the weather forecast called for wicked thunder, lightning & hail late afternoon. Get our run over & done. Didn’t happen. When I woke @ 5am, there was already bad thunder & lightning in progress, so after some hemming & hawing by phone, we chose personal safety over idiocy. “Workday first… then, we’ll try again @ 5pm.”

Sure enough, @ 4pm, the thunderstorms returned. More terrible lightning strikes! Our electricity was knocked out for an hour while nature raged on. But the worst of it ended by 5pm, so we ran at 5:30. Done! 2.2 mi. run (5 min. warm-up walk, 2 miles running, w/a 3 min. recovery-walk between them). Not my best effort at all, but I’m gearing down today & plan to run even less than a mile tomorrow, honoring the “1- or 2-day rest” rule my 15K training plan mandates before the race. I’ll do yoga & upper body work instead. Give the legs a rest for repair.

Today’s photos: Orioles! Pics of the birds are too hard to get, but they are here with us. We see & hear them daily, whistling around the yard. The apple trees, when loaded with blossoms (shown above, on my office windowsill), are loaded with birds. We even found their nest, a hanging pouch made of woven grasses (also above, click the photo to enlarge it)! The adults attend it frequently, which is how we spotted it. It’s in the maple tree behind our shed (at left) about 50 ft. up, halfway out on a limb. Last year, they had a nest in roughly the same location… but one day, it was gone. We did not find it aground. This one is still there, even after all the fierce wind & rain of the storms.


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4 Responses to “Juneathon Day 9: Apple Blossoms & Orioles”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Enjoy your tapering…and good luck with your 15k.

    • henniemavis Says:

      “Tapering?” That’s another runners-blog term I’ve read, but don’t really know what it is. So much to learn! Thanks for the luck, I’ll need every ounce :-)

  2. mike Says:

    Orioles are such pretty birds. You are lucky.

    Tapering usually takes place over a week or two depending on the distance of your race.

    But Juneathon does not rest.
    Nor shall you.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’m resting by today… stupid headcold! Serves me right for staying up so late every night, blogging for Juneathon…

      Hmm, I might do 1/4 mi. today, just to be a diehard :-)

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