Juneathon Day 8: Can You Say Obsessive Maniac?

Yeah, but it doesn’t begin with the letter N… nor does run-crazed fool, overzealous freak, or fitness crackhead. So what does this N mean?

Today’s random photo from my “dead end photo file” is just a cutout paper letter I found it in the grass near a local hiking trail. I have no idea where it came from, how it got there, what its story is. I took this pic last summer. I remember thinking maybe the “N” was a message to me somehow, a clue from the Universe about something.

Now, on to my Juneathon report: today was nuts. I’m still a bit low, but I pushed on, cuz that’s what I do. I ran 2.5 mi. before my morning yoga class, to rack some miles, in case my day fell apart later. This is significant because I am not a morning runner. I’m not a morning person, in fact. So getting my act together & out the door was… pathetic. I had to wear my running shorts & top, but bring a change of clothes for yoga, so as not to be soaked in sweat & inappropriately dressed. Loose tank tops are great for running, but when inverted during yoga, Downward Facing Dog turns into Upward Facing Brassiere. Not cool in mixed company.

I also took water, strapped on my Mio sportwatch, grabbed my music, checked MapMyRun.com for a 2.5 mi. route (all I’d have time for before class). BANG, out the door to the car. No morning coffee yet, which is bad. Very, very bad.

Drive into town, hop out of car, stretch & start my chosen route. I got about 1/2 mi. in & finally woke up. First, I realized I had forgotten to start the stopwatch I remembered to wear. Then, I realized I had left my music in the car. No time to go back, screw it. Here’s the good news about me running before I’m awake: it went fast. Not my legs, but the time it seemed to take. I started running & it was over, just like that!

But, wait, there’s more: I ran another 1.25 mi. this evening at the high school track, bringing my total for Day 8 to 3.75 mi. I finally got to a Wednesday Track Night sponsored by the Monadnock Milers, that local running club I joined, oh, back in April? I figured I’d start trying to get some benefit from my membership, maybe meet some real folks to run with. No offense to my fitness cyberpals, of course :-)

I didn’t stay long, as it was my first time ever on a track, so it was a lot to absorb… 400m to a 1/4 mi. so 4 laps to a mile, white lines every 100m, what “pace run” means, what “recovery run” means… whoa, brain overload. But I did a short speedwork routine which the coach (whose name I already forgot, oops) explained to me. Milers President Ginger Smith ran alongside me for 4 laps, to show me the speedwork ropes. The same woman who talked me out of an icy turnaround at my last group run. I’m starting to really like her :-)

So… it seems if I want to get faster, this is my new plan: go to Wed. Night Track workouts. Hm, let’s see if I can squeeze that onto my already overburdened to-do list.

Next on my list is a few hours of sleep. Now. Before I get up at 5am to meet my Couch25K-in-training girlfriend for an early run. That’s right, my 2nd try at morning running. Did I mention I’m a Juneathon crackhead?

Postscript: Let the record show that I sat here at my laptop with both knees in gelpacks. Icing is becoming part of my Juneathon, as part of my new injury prevention regimen.


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5 Responses to “Juneathon Day 8: Can You Say Obsessive Maniac?”

  1. Jaime Says:

    N stands for No

  2. abradypus Says:

    Or Nuts. I’m glad I’m not the only one to have accidentally turned downward facing dog into upward facing brassiere (though until now, I had no idea what the technical term was). 2 runs in one day is definitely hardcore Juneathon stuff. Brilliant!

  3. mike Says:

    Great that you do have an ice treatment for the knees.

    Now you need a treatment for your head to remember that coach’s name.

    Nice double-run day, let’s hope that’s not a Juneathon exclusive. Although waking up early and You can’t mix well because there’s no possible time for sleep.

    Let’s see what’s next.

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