Juneathon Day 7: Sun’s High, I’m Low

It was bound to happen: a bitter pill of a post. I generally don’t plop down to blog when I feel negative or depressed. But this Juneathon thing, tho bringing out the best of my fitness side, will sometimes expose my moody side by default. The pressure of a daily blog report, well… I can’t really hide, you see. Feeling lacklustre as I did today does not bode well. I got into a foul life mood early this morning & never pulled out of it, making everything difficult, including a run.

But… I did a 2.1 mi. run @ 6pm (23:09). It was still hot out (84 degrees). I intended to go for one more long run (8 mi. or more) before my race this weekend. Not going to happen. The good news: I ran 19 mi. in 7 days, more than I’ve ever run in a week. The bad news: my legs & feet are tired. I feel fine all day, but when I start to run, my shins, calves & feet start to ache in short order. Usually they don’t start complaining at all, unless I’m in over 5 or 6 miles. Yesterday & today, they start to whine almost as soon as I hit the road. “Hey legs, get with new plan. Man up!” Note: I’m learning new sporty jargon from reading fellow bloggers, look out! Juneathon can improve my repartee? Bonus!

This isn’t the time or place to get into the whys & wherefores of my emotional low, so instead, I’ll share only the most insignificant downer of the past 24 hours. See the jug of sun tea in the photo above? I fumbled it in my kitchen. Miraculously, the glass didn’t break. The jar flipped & hit on the plastic lid, impact blowing it off in bits. Half gallon of tea gushed out in seconds, running under the fridge, of course. What a mess that was.

But hey, I ran. And this month, that’s the only thing that matters, says me. Let’s hope I can pull out my own head-dive soon, before I gush out into my blog… ew.


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8 Responses to “Juneathon Day 7: Sun’s High, I’m Low”

  1. Fat Girl Running Says:

    wow, I think that’s fab. I couldn’t run every single day, no wonder your legs are complaining! Keep it up, but if they ache too much make sure you have a day’s walking… better to have a day off than run too much and head for an injury.

  2. Archie Hartwright Says:

    As with all art, to blog well you have to suffer first!

  3. Ballookey Says:

    I think it’s good to cover the lows as well as the highs: It helps people to know that they’re not alone when they have a sour day, plus it reminds us that you are not, in fact, Julie Andrews. ;)

  4. mike Says:

    Are you giving those legs any love? Ice? Meds? A little massage?

    Your incredible weekly mileage. Way to stick to it.

    Juneathon is a rollercoaster. Enjoy the ride.

    And drink that tea faster before it jumps out of your hands.

  5. Dad Says:

    The great Dorothy Parker, when once asked how she feels about writing said … “I hate to write, but I love having written.”

    Might you feel -the same about your blog entries somethimes?

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