Juneathon Days 4 & 5: Cruising Right Along

Yeah, yeah, I didn’t post yesterday, so I’m double-posting tonight. I have a good reason & most importantly, I did not miss a day of running! Only of blogging. I was tired today from getting in at 1am last night, plus unmotivated due to rain in the afternoon, but I pulled off a 2.3 mi. run in drizzle anyway (23:35). Yesterday, I ran as well, but there was just no way I could blog it.

June 4th was overbooked from the get-go with a volunteer committment (town library) in the morning. By noon, I could see I would soon be pinched to dress & leave for Boston. I squeezed in a short run immediately, to stave off complete failure — 1.7 mi. (17:18) — then showered, primped (semi-formal attire) & left on time.

We had to drive down to MA, pick up my in-laws, then drive into downtown Boston, park & be on a boat landing by 6pm. Whew! A bit dicey, but we made it, thanks to light weekend traffic & a TomTom navigation device. We had tickets for a Boston Harbor dinner cruise, to celebrate my husband’s brother & wife’s 25th wedding anniversary. Please enjoy this virtual cruise with us, as you forgive my daily blogging lapse :-)

Here are my in-laws & husband (far right). About the lousy focus, it’s not the boat — it’s my ignorance of my new cell phone’s camera functions! I’m sure you can still see that we are a good looking bunch ;-)

Here is my assigned seat (each table was place-carded). Can you believe my luck? Right next to a window facing the Boston shoreline side of the boat! It was AWESOME.

We saw all kinds of interesting things. We passed a fort, which I Googled: Fort Independence. We saw lots of low flying planes coming in for landings, as Logan International Airport runways extend into the harbor. Some looked like they were going to land on us!

I didn’t get pics of the beautiful Zakim Bridge or the huge cranes on long piers unloading containers from giant cargo ships. I just couldn’t keep taking pictures because I got distracted by the buffet. The food was really yummy! So I ate a lot. Yes, too much. Yes, a glass of wine & 2 desserts as well. Geez. I danced a little later on, to burn some extra calories, though :-)

When the loud music started to wear me down (can you say fuddy-duddy?), I went above deck for some peaceful quiet & cool night air. There was a perfect crescent moon above the city lights.


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5 Responses to “Juneathon Days 4 & 5: Cruising Right Along”

  1. shazruns Says:

    Boston was on my to visit list before reading this and now it is a definate, looks lovely

  2. abradypus Says:

    Wow! It looks amazing. A worthy excuse for missing a blog posting.

  3. Archie Hartwright Says:

    C and me went to the 2011 Boston Marathon. She did it, I watched but missed her – bad timing and spotting at 16 miles. Great do though and good New England tour afterwards. But that’s enough about me!! Keep Juneathoning.

  4. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    Cool pictures! Looks like you were really having fun! Glad you enjoyed the food.

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