Juneathon Day 3: It Ain’t Always Pretty

Toads aren’t known to be classically good looking. They skulk around & startle me when I’m weeding. Their bladders cut loose when I pick them up. But they are still lovable. Found this fellow in my chives today. It was a gorgeous day (sunny & 65 degrees) so I did some gardening as I waited for my lunch to digest enough for a Day 3 run without stomach cramping!

Yep, I’m 3 for 3. My discipline astounds me! Such great weather & a light Friday work schedule prompted me to do 4 miles mid-afternoon (43:28). Felt good. I also learned how to manually enter my mileage totals into Juneathon’s recommended stats-tally program, since I don’t have an electronic run-stats device from which I can upload. More satisfaction!

Just after finishing my jaunty jog, I met a friend for a 3 mi. walk as my cooldown. She’s having “aging parents” issues & needed to de-stress, both physically & emotionally. I haven’t yet had to deal with the sadness, frustration & exhaustion she’s living right now, as she helps her parents negotiate old age. My parents are still in their 60s, healthy, mentally sharp… but eventually, my turn at this will arise. Meanwhile, I hope the best for her family.

Sometimes I try to remember what my life was like before I introduced regular exercise. I can’t remember specific examples of extreme stress, but I think I may have been wound tighter than I am currently? Now it seems when my body aches a little & I’m tired, my mind just doesn’t want to be bothered with holding onto bad thoughts. If mental cleansing’s not a perk of regular exercise, I don’t know what is. Looking more attractive than a toad? Well yeah, that’s another beneficial side effect of good fitness :-)

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5 Responses to “Juneathon Day 3: It Ain’t Always Pretty”

  1. mike Says:

    Great contrast of colors and prettiness in your pic. Poor ugly toad.

    Discipline is right. This weather definitely helps. Nice pace on your run.
    And good luck to your friend. That is a tough situation.

  2. Notmuchofarunner Says:

    Bless you. And your friend. Not something I’m looking forward to either. Great picture, by the way!

  3. shazruns Says:

    Give the toad a kiss you never know what might happen, or so I have been told never wanted to try it myself-gross

  4. abradypus Says:

    Well done on 3 for 3. Before you know it you’ll be 30 for 30.

  5. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    cute! good for you. Long running always made me feel better, too. I’ve been eating less, but gaining more :-( This is reference to the post about the Boston Cruise, which I couldn’t figure out how to comment on on the iPad.

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