Juneathon: Daily Run, Easy. Daily Blog, Not.

Well, this will be interesting… the daily blogging thing. I got my June 1st run in (3 mi.), tho late evening (7pm) & pokey slow (34:48). I meant to go earlier in the day, but we had all kinds of accidental adventures today. Things like a flying squirrel in the house. Then afternoon tornado warnings. Stuff that demanded immediate attention or immediate stalling. Oh, & then there’s my work, of course. Having to work for a living really cramps my style. But hey, 3 miles for the month, so far :-)

Another distraction is wanting to cruise all the fellow Juneathon participants’ sites, tweets & stats. I need to get organized. Not with my runs, but with how I’m going to manage my time for posting, reading & being comment-supportive. Did I mention sleeping? I need more time for that, too. I’ll try to post June 2nd’s run earlier, to get my ship righted…

Meanwhile, back to the flying squirrel… I opened all the windows & doors, while my husband put on some thick leather gloves (bite protection). The poor thing must have been tuckered out, cuz we caught it without too much chase. We put it in our cat-carrier, which is how I got these pics. After a photo op, we released it outdoors. If you’re not familiar with flying squirrels, they are smaller than grey or red squirrels, are primarily noctural (hence the large eyes for seeing at night?) & have extra skin that stretches between their front & hind legs so when they jump, it stretches out to help them “soar” from tree branch to branch… can you see the ripple of extra fur/skin on its side? It’s like a little cape that opens when needed. Pretty cute, huh? Never a dull moment out here in the woods.


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6 Responses to “Juneathon: Daily Run, Easy. Daily Blog, Not.”

  1. abradypus Says:

    So cute!

  2. Gone Bananas Says:

    Aww cute! Wow if that speed is pokey then I must be sloth-like! lol Wtg on your first day! Thanks for the comment and words of encouragement! x

  3. peggy fussell Says:

    OMG that is a cute squirrel!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Irresistible. I petted his belly fur with my index finger thru the slots, while he was clinging spread-eagle on the inside of the carrier. Stealth cuddle :-)

  4. mike Says:

    You’ll be amazed how much your running progresses throughout Juneathon.

    So what I needed to tell you.
    Since you posted this at 2AM or whatever :-)

    8PM Eastern Time, I’m googling “Flying Squirrel” on my phone while walking through the neighborhood. My little Honeybunny wanted to know where they lived. Wikipedia tells me “North America.”
    Oh that’s nice.
    And then you catch one!

    Thanks for narrowing down their whereabouts. Can’t wait to show the kids your pictures. That is a living Littlest Pet Shop critter if I ever saw one.

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