I Dream in Color: Chihuly

I didn’t paint eggs for Easter this year. But I’m thinking of color & shape, thanks to the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. Now there’s a real glass artist, not just a glass painter like myself. What a great show! I went on Thursday, to meet my friend Bee & pal around in Boston. (You can click on any photo to see it larger.)

Some of Chihuly’s work is small… like these pieces inspired by floppy Indian baskets, or these vessels within vessels. I love art that is things inside of things. It delights my curiousity, the way finding eggs in a bird’s nest does.

Some of his art is fairly large, standing taller than me, like these whimsical installations on platforms or mounted in birch logs 18″ in diameter. These orange striped disks are the size of open umbrellas. In fact, I would love to have an umbrella just like that!

And some of Chihuly’s glass art is HUGE. Like these gorgeous “chandeliers” which are not wired electrically, by the way. Can you believe that their brilliance is merely from reflected track lighting shining on it? Amazingly true. This green glass “plant” in the lobby must have been 70 ft. high. Spectacular!

There was even a room with a glass ceiling. The items above the ceiling were backlit so transparent colored light beamed thru them & down the walls. It was like looking up under a tightly packed sea of jellyfish. Incredibly beautiful!

So you see, Chihuly was AWESOME.

I was also amused by riding the T (Boston’s underground trains), eating on the North End (Boston’s Little Italy) & just soaking in the bustle of a big city. Bee as companion made the day. She has a great eye for photos. Some of my shots were inspired by the angles or things she was shooting. She took the pics I used here with me in them & the one of the purple spires.

She is a textile artist herself (talented knitter). I loved that she briefly stalked a woman on the train platform, to get a closer look at the pattern of her sweater! Best of all, she understood my desire for a good pastry & a cup of coffee before braving my long drive home :-)


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5 Responses to “I Dream in Color: Chihuly”

  1. christine e-e Says:

    OH!!! I love Chihuly… I saw one at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London last summer…. and my daughter’s medical building has one ~ amazing & what a shock to see such an exquisite piece of art in the two story lobby area…

  2. peggy fussell Says:

    Love, love, love Chihuly! Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Andrea Says:

    Looke like a lovely outing. I have not seen that tall lime green piece before, <3!!

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