Getting Creative with Eggs

Reflecting on this holiday of renewal, I sat out on my stone doorstep in the sun this Easter morning, still barefoot & in my PJs. Aahhh! it was only 56 degrees, but hey, compared to yesterday’s wet snow (melted overnight, thank God), I’ll take it. The bright sun made it seem warmer. Hot sauce on my Eggs Benedict also made it seem warmer.

Spring means my hens are cranking out 8 to 10 eggs a day, so I’m on an Eggs Benedict kick. I make it at least twice a week, in variations. My current fav is with asparagus, but on slabs of tomato is a close second. My 2011 physical exam reported cholesterol at 147, so I can chow all the eggs I want with my doc’s approval. Hope you can too? Happy Easter!

I worked most of the weekend, to set myself up for a little Florida vacay visiting a friend later this week. I can’t wait! Between crazy work hours, plus nursing sore heels & knees, I took this week off from running… but I cannot wait to run on the beach. Big switch from NH hills, as beaches are deliciously flat. That won’t be good training for my June trail run, but it sure will be enjoyable! I will try to practice extending distance & focus on good post-stretching plus “ice baths” in the cold ocean when I finish each run. I’ve still got 5 weeks until my 15K & I plan to do 7 mi. or more as a long beach run before the end of my trip, to keep me on track.

Also on the FL docket: maybe see the Space Shuttle Endeavor launch (if it stays on target for Friday), play my first beach bocce game & attend the Amelia Island Shrimp Festival. I wonder if they make a shrimp version of Eggs Benedict?


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3 Responses to “Getting Creative with Eggs”

  1. Dad Says:

    The aparagus version looks good. Let’s have those during next visit … sans feet on the table of course!

  2. meghan Ling Says:

    Hey Honey Bunny,
    I hope you had a FUN vacay in FL> I love it there! I also love chicken eggs, straight from the coop. You are so lucky!
    Our duck eggs never hatched so we bought two ducks and they are living in my classroom/on the playground. They are so cute and so attached to the kids and I. They will go on to a farm at the end of May. Chica and Rica are brown beauties, I’ll have to take their pictures this week.
    Happy Spring!

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’d love to see duck pics on your blog! FL was awesome. I mean to blog it sometime soon. Alas, work was kinda busy when I returned. I was hoping gremlins would cover for me, but they didn’t.

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