Boston Marathon: My First Time (Viewing)

Elite women rocking by me

Gorgeous day for the Boston Marathon, sunny & warm (44 degrees @ 9am is warm here).  Photo above shows the elite women blowing past me (winner Caroline Kilel, front right). We parked at my inlaw’s house in Ashland MA, then walked less than a mile to the runners’ route. Staked out at Mile 4, we found a good wall for sitting while we waited, then standing above the crowd to see the runners, if necessary. I was excited. As I experiment with running longer distances myself, I am becoming more interested in watching & learning from others doing far more than me.

This was my first time seeing a marathon. Amazing! Watching the elite women go by first with full motorcade was very cool. Then came the elite men (see Ryan Hall in front below, w/winner Geoffrey Mutai in the bright green). Also very cool. But for me, the best part was seeing the running masses. And I mean MASSES. Runners as far as the eye could see.

We saw everyone running. All ethnicities, young & old, men & women, amputees on bikes or prosthetics, blind people flanked by running guides. They were tricked out, too. Shirts emblazoned with runner’s names, home states, charitable causes… body paint & hair of all colors… even some joker in a full gorilla suit (yes, he was bibbed)! It was a great spectrum of runners. Made me feel great to cheer them all!

Elite men blast past me

We the People, the real power of the Boston Marathon!


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2 Responses to “Boston Marathon: My First Time (Viewing)”

  1. meghan Ling Says:

    I imagined that I saw you at least a dozen times!! It was so fun looking for you. I was totally prepared to stop and give you a hug but I never did see you. That was so wonderful that you were out there cheering on the crowd, wasn’t it spectacular?

    • henniemavis Says:

      It sure was spectacular! Glad you’re home safe in CA again. How did you do??!!!! Cripes, I have been checking your blog 3 times a day! I’ll bet you met your goal… the course conditions (warm, sunny, wind at your back) were perfect!

      When I saw the solid stream of runners, I laughed. I was so niave to think I might see you go by! Only Divine Intervention would’ve made that possible. Not that it couldn’t happen that way, but it didn’t, oh well! Someday… meanwhile, hope you had an awesome race!

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