Spring Highlights: New Longest Run Ever

Busy 2 weeks. Tough finding priority time to post & it’s only getting worse as business gears up for summer. Yet I like having these posted reminders of what’s changing, growing, failing or succeeding. It’s fun to go back & see milestone events or refer a friend to particular wildlife photos. My niece just told me via Facebook that she was snooping my blog this weekend & found herself on it. I was glad she was amused, not offended. So with blogging benefits in mind (see mission statement), here I am again…

Icy gelpack w/rubberbands

New longest run ever, 6.5 miles. April 6th, sunny 50-degree day. Needed to do a long run that week, in keeping w/my 15K training plan, but knew I wouldn’t want to do it on the weekend, since I had the EMS 5K Run for the Socks on Sat. Thus I did my long run Wed. It was good & bad. Good, cuz I did it rather easily, no walking & enjoyed the outing. Bad, cuz I did it right after Sunday’s 5 mi. long run & I should have allowed more recovery time (shorter runs mid-week)?

My knees stiffened up badly later that night. Hello icing twice daily, but of course, I can’t sit still, so I had to improvise a way to gelpack myself while still being able to move around the house/office. I tried rubberbands (worked OK), but finally cut 2 “leg sleeves” from an old pair of stretch pants. Gelpack goes inside. Stays on, but more comfy than rubberbands biting into the back of my leg. God forbid I buy proper sports medicine gear, HA!

Icy gelpack in old pantleg

EMS 5K Run for the Socks. April 9, another gorgeous day. Tho worried about my knees (still sore), they were fine, even after the race. Turns out, it was a “fun run” so there was no timing, bah! About 1/4 mi. in, the route went off-road onto a bike trail, still solid sheet ice. Wasn’t prepared for that (no cleats). I didn’t want to fall on my already compromised knee. I stopped to think & was about to turn back for another route choice (they had given two) when our town neighbor Ginger, who happens to be the President of Monadnock Milers running club, came by & convinced me to walk thru the icy section but keep going. She knew the route, said the ice cleared at the next turn onto a road. So I walk-trotted on with her. She had to go thru anyway, as she was the Sweep for that route. How embarrassing, I got pushed on by the Sweep! Oy.

Once out to the road, I ran the balance to finish surprisingly ahead of others, who took the 2nd route (reported to be even icier, hence their slowdown). I got my free socks & bought 2 new Superfeet @ 20% off. EMS has some good sales… remember the cheap trail runners?

I also joined the Monadnock Milers. They co-sponsored the run & announced that they will soon hold coached runs at the high school track on Wed. nights. Personal coaching for speed improvement? Free to members? I think I will check that out.

In other news, tree swallows & bluebirds. Welcome back, migratory songbirds :-) We went around the yard & cleaned out the birdboxes for them. All 8, except the one in the garden, for which a ladder is required. We didn’t clean out the bat box yet. Normally, one wouldn’t need to clean out a bat box… but ours seems to have acquired a squatter, as there is grass hanging out of it. Rodent. You’d never guess we had cats.


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2 Responses to “Spring Highlights: New Longest Run Ever”

  1. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    Yay for the new longest run ever! Woohoo! Congratulations!!

    (believe it or not, I still have you beat, but it was so long ago it probably doesn’t count. I couldn’t do it now, for sure!!!!”!!!)

  2. mike Says:

    Longest run ever AND you’re gonna work out with a running club?
    Since it’s been a few weeks, that might mean you ARE working out with a running club? On a track?
    Sky’s the limit!

    6.5 miles is a big distance accomplishment. You wouldn’t believe how many runners won’t budge past a 10K. And you just threw .3 miles in their faces!

    Beautiful time of year to be out running. Hope to hear some updates (and catch up on all of those other wonderful posts).

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