Spring Fling: My Governor Broke Off?

Signs of spring have arrived. The views on my runs are changing. Weight limit signs are posted for the start of mud season. Maple-syruping tap lines & sap buckets are out in force. Geese are honking on the marsh. Pussy willows are budding. My snowy world is finally melting away.

Exercise is going remarkably well recently. Despite recent April snow, we’re getting mostly spring weather (sunny, mid-40s). Very inspiring! It’s helped me stick closely to my 15K training plan. I finish Week 5 today, which should be very enjoyable in today’s full sun & 46-degree temp.

Great Glen finally opened registration for There’s a Black Fly in My Eye 10-Mile Trail Run, so I could pay & commit. Wouldn’t you know, they aren’t doing t-shirts in 2011! I’m devastated. I really wanted their race shirt with a giant insect on it. WTF. Instead, they decided to do “running caps” this year. I don’t like hats, I wanted a shirt! Oh well, I guess I will have to run the race just to say I did it… imagine that.

To ease my disappointment, I signed up for the EMS Run for the Socks 5K on April 9th, too. Hey, at least I can still get the socks I like & there’s no registration fee for this one.

Strength-training & stretching is still my weakness, but I am trying to improve that. I tend to get distracted when I’m not actually out on a run. I “forget” to do a full regimen of post-run stretching, or will put off my cross-training sometimes. That said, I’m not suffering any ill-effects yet, so I have time to correct this bad behavior before an injury strikes.

In related news, I did my first supported headstand in yoga class this week. My instructor, Heather, showed me how to do it in front of a wall so I won’t go over backward if I lose my balance. I might try to practice this at home, with my husband spotting. I have to “kick up” with bent knees for now. Going up in an L-pipe leg position would be awesome, but my abs aren’t strong enough for that… yet.

My training diet is still a joke, to my head’s chagrin & my tummy’s delight. We met Scott & Nancy out for dinner last night. I didn’t have much to eat yesterday, squeezed in a quick run before we left (only 2 mi., all I had time for). Was gnashing my teeth on the 50 min. drive to Nashua. The Lilac Blossom has yummy Asian food which I never make at home, so I overindulged. I had Egg Drop Soup, then ate my entire serving of Chicken in Garlic Sauce over brown rice. Mmm, stirfried broccoli! I think I drank a whole pot of tea myself.

Ken was finished but still had some Shredded Beef w/Chinese Chilis on his plate, presumably to be taken home… which didn’t happen, cuz I ate that too. This is quite shocking, since I don’t prefer beef as a rule. Heck, I was hungry! Scott shook his head, saying “her governor must’ve broken off” which made the boys laugh.

Since Asian restaurants have weak dessert menus (where’s the chocolate?), we decided to have coffee elsewhere. Ended up at Uno’s, where they have “dessert minis“… so I got two. The heated peanutbutter cup thingie was pretty good, but I liked the fudge brownie sundae best. Astounded, Scott claimed I eat like a stevedore. Glad I don’t look like one… but I’m going to run 5 mi. today, just to make sure ;-)


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7 Responses to “Spring Fling: My Governor Broke Off?”

  1. meghan Ling Says:

    Oh yum! With all the talk about syrup, peanut butter cups and beef with chilis, I suddenly feel SO hungry. We might share the same govenor despite the fact that we live thousands of miles apart!
    “No fair!” I cry on the shirt-less race. Where else could you find a running shirt with a huge bug on it? You might just have to doodle and design your own. I’m in!! The blacker and uglier, the better.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Maybe we are soul-sister eaters, since I can’t run like you… yet ;-)
      You’re right, I guess I will have to make my own black fly t-shirt. Damn. I really wanted one of those for my race :-(

  2. meghan Ling Says:

    oops, bad teacher! I noticed as I pushed POST COMMENT that I had some mist-pellings. Pleese forgiv me!

  3. mary taitt Says:

    Lots of exciting plans! I hope they all work out! Run run run!

    and MMMmmmm sugaring!

  4. Pearl Says:

    is seems that restaurants can either do main courses or desserts but never both.

    Walk thru time with that Ken doll flashback. I had the 1979 version. or a few or them. I colored their hair with markers to distinguish between them.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I had the Malibu Barbie w/swim-trunked Ken & I had Skipper, too. I think Skipper was Barbie’s little sister? I didn’t remember that doll until just now… I also remember cutting the hair off most of my dolls :-)

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