Weekword: Amuse

I haven’t played a Weekword in a while, but since today’s word is “amuse,” I couldn’t resist. It is April 1, after all.

I have the time to play online suddenly, as my usual Friday schedule has been cancelled due to weather. Mother Nature is playing a prank of her own. We’re getting snow today. Lots of it. I woke to 6 inches & it’s still coming down. Big popcorn flakes. Forecast says 12 to 15 inches in my region. Winter is supposed to be over. April Fools!

I can’t seem to organize my thoughts (there’s a surprise), so here’s a random list of some amusements from this past week:

Raccoon, eating & napping.
At first, he had only apple & egg on his menu, until my husband threw him a chunk of biscotti. We drink coffee & eat biscotti while raccoon-watching. Ever see a raccoon crunching on biscotti? It’s pretty darn cute. He chews with his mouth open. The sound was delightful. After his huge meal, he chose our front doorstep for a nap in the sun. We can’t make a habit of encouraging raccoon visits by day, when the coop door is wide open (free range hens). Only a matter of time before this furry little bandit discovers the all-you-can-eat grain & egg bar. So unless he restricts his visits to nighttime only, when the coop is buttoned up, we have a decision to make. For now, we’ll observe his health & habits while we consider our options. Feeding him wasn’t exactly discouragement, of course, but who could resist? What a young sweetie!

Sweet Talkin’ Ken Doll. Ho ho, this was very amusing. The “ultimate boyfriend” 2011 model touts attractive features like repeating exactly what you tell him to say, in his own voice! My husband’s name is Ken, so you can see why this is funny, right? I tried it with my personal Ken at home. Didn’t work at all. Instead, he cheerfully pointed out that the safety warning lists him as a “choking hazard.” In your dreams. To which I pointed out the fine print: “…to children under age 3. Small parts.” HA!

Despite the temptation of a man who will say whatever I tell him to, I don’t like the Justin Timberlake-Beiber look of the new Ken doll. Alas, they are not marketing to women in their 40s, so I guess I will keep my earlier, more mature version of Ken, uncooperative as he may be. To see the product deets we saw on Sweet Talkin’ Ken, click here. To see the many Ken-revamps over the years (he was introduced in 1961), click here. Fun stuff, even if your beau isn’t named Ken.

Drawing & painting.
Always amuses me. My librarian friend Amy put in 4 requests for upcoming April event posters. I volunteer to make them for my own creative amusement. And because libraries are awesome. And because Amy is an awesome librarian & person. I got lucky this month, as the first event is about chickens, of all things. One down, 3 to go!

To read other amusing posts, visit Weekword hostess Junebug’s entry & click on participant links listed there.


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14 Responses to “Weekword: Amuse”

  1. christine e-e Says:

    ohh… sounds like snow is no longer amusing?? the raccoons are though! i would get a kick out of watching them!
    your Ken post is so clever… i don’t watch TV but saw something about his 50th birthday! I prefer the first Ken myself. of course, I never had a Ken doll – but one of my daughters did.
    Your art work is adorable… is that a hobby? I think I remember you saying you were a “science-type person”…
    Awesome AMUSING post…

    • henniemavis Says:

      Snow in April is a downer, but not for long. Sat. & Sun. should be sunny & mid-40s temps, so it’ll be gone soon.

      My art is kind of a hobby, but I have also always used art as a staple in my career, too (see About Me in my righthand sidebar).
      “Science-type person?” Not! I think you got me confused with Carmen, perhaps?

  2. Andrea Says:

    OMG! Can you just trap him and overnight him to me? SO ADORABLE! I’ll keep him fattened up with all the biscotti he can munch.

    Sometimes your posts make me sad to live in the city. ;)

    Great poster too.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks! You do love raccoons, don’t you? He would like your warmer temps, but city traffic might scare him. Maybe you can come here to visit him? Here, I’ll hold those boxes of biscotti you brought, while you go out in our woods [crunch!] and look [crunch!] for him [crunch!]…

  3. Junebug Says:

    Raccoons are so freakin’ adorable but what a mess later! Now, I want biscotti!

    Ken looks like a baby now. I wish my man repeated what I said. Heck I would settle for just plain listened to what I said.

    Love your poster!! Such talent!

    So glad you got to participate this week!

    • henniemavis Says:

      “Heck I would settle for just plain listened to what I said.”
      HA! Right on, sister!
      Thanks for the artistic affirmation & for picking a fun word to share.

  4. mary taitt Says:

    This was EXTREMELY AMUSING! (Unfortunately, KEith has gone to bed sick without even reading me my bedtime story, so he will have to see it later.) We’ve both been sick for a few days–it’s been a mild sort of cold, but Keith seems to be worse tonight.)

    I hope you can teach your raccoon friend to only come at night, but feeding him is definitely NOT the way to do that!!!

    We had snow yesterday, but only about a quarter of an inch–big difference, and it was melted by noon. Later int he day, it was “warm” and sunny.

    The Ken doll stuff was VERY amusing!

    A few days ago, Keith told me that he wanted me to order him around. I said, “Are you sure?” and he said yes. Later on, I told him to do something and he got all angry–I reminded him what he had said, and he said, “Oh, yeah, I did say that, didn’t I!” Ha ha. (The sweet talking Ken doll reminded me of that which at the time very very amusing to me.) Context context context! I wonder if sweet talking Ken ever gets cranky.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Keith told you to order him around? That IS funny. Ken would never in a million years say that to me. In fact, sometimes after we’ve come home from a night out w/another couple, Ken will comment that he found the wife overly demanding toward her spouse & he’s glad I’m not like that… which gives me some leverage for light nagging the next day :-)

  5. John Says:

    Brrrrrr, snow, I find that very amusing (but not in a cruel way :) ) because we have temperatures of around 30c today. Great post and wonderful photographs and glad you are back….

  6. Kristin Says:

    That little raccoon is so cute :) Great Weekword Post. I finally got mine up today. Better late than never right :)


  7. Junebug Says:

    The new WeekWord Host is Christine E-E of Silver Linings 4 Me. http://silverlinings4me.blogspot.com/2011/04/weekword-anticipation.html

  8. rip-torn Says:

    You need life with attitude, as without attitude you need life.

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