Still Plinking Away on Piano

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I was preparing to do a post on the arrival of spring. Then yesterday, we got full groundcover again (5 inches of snow). Hmm, I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling… so I’m posting on music to cheer me instead. Click this link to hear an audio clip of me playing a song from my jazz lesson book: LightnBluePiano

I was greatly amused when I uploaded this clip, because MediaPlayer listed it by file name, then afterward listed “Unknown Artist” & “Unknown Album.” HA! Unknown indeed. I am going to make up an album name, yes I am :-)

I’m not sure why I don’t post more about music exploration, as I’m interested in that now more than ever before. There’s so much to hear. I do ear-sample as many genres as possible, but I remain partial to jazz. I’ve been learning the piano now for 17 mo., averaging about 2 or 3 lessons/mo. I’ve made fair progress. I practice most mornings or evenings. If I ever become a performer, I’ll be off my game unless I’m allowed to play in my pajamas.

My piano-loving cat Eddie is still my biggest fan. He joins me on the bench as soon as I start to play, sitting or laying down next to me. He’s recently started giving kissies at the end of a performance. Now that’s an appreciative audience.


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18 Responses to “Still Plinking Away on Piano”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Wahn, the audio clip won’t go for me!!!
    But I love your tiny little hiney and your cat kisses!!!!!
    CUTE picture! :-D
    (but still no audio!) :-(

    • henniemavis Says:

      Hm, not sure why the audio won’t work for you. Are you on your iPAD? Try it from your Mac or another computer? When I sent it to a few people by email, the WAV file worked fine… & it worked via blog from my laptop when I viewed my own site as a reader, not an admin.

      WordPress was down for several hours this afternoon & evening, too. Maybe that was it. I remember you once said the slideshow feature didn’t work for you, too. Did it work this time? Only 2 photos, but I did them as a slideshow to kiss & play, then kiss again, then play :-)

      P.S. My heiney is far from tiny, HA!

  2. Pearl Says:

    cute pictures!

    we thought winter was gone here too but then spring put her white coat back on.

  3. Jul Says:

    Love the pictures. What a cute kitty cat!

  4. mary taitt Says:

    you look cute with PJs and bed head.

    Unfortunately, sadly, I still can’t hear the piano. I get a black screen when I click on the link, with a play button and a little place that looks as if something should move across it as it plays, but nothing happens, whether I click on the arrow or not. I tried unplugging the sound system. That didn’t help. WAHN!

    I amy be doing something wrong, but I ahve no idea what. The little sound icon on the top bar is turned on.

    • henniemavis Says:

      So sorry. There have been others who could not hear the WAV file. I might repost as an MP3… so I can stop getting private emails from disappointed friends, HA! It’s good to be so loved :-)

  5. ballookey Says:

    Aww, so cute! You DO need Marvin so you can have orange tabby bookends. :)

    And good piano playing too – you’re doing well! Most adults that tackle it, don’t stick with it past the first few lessons.

    I’m going to totally make a response video with Marvin and I at our piano…what to play?

    PS, wink!

  6. christine e-e Says:

    what an adorable audience! and kisses at the end of your performance. How great is that!! My Saturdays are spent lazily in pj’s and puttering around the house – sipping tea & reading the newspaper & laundry…

    to answer your question – I’m still in the “boot” – next xrays April 11th. boo! hoo! this is getting old & my b–t is getting wider!

    I didn’t get to go camping – too many work projects & couldn’t take a day off from work. But, I wanted to. Plus – navigating the dirty campsite would have been tough on crutches.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Uh, you’re kidding! The boot, still? Shuffling around a campsite on crutches would be a pain. You were better off to stay home & sip tea then. Get that foot healed, won’t you? Chin up, April 11 is not so far off :-)

  7. Andrea Says:

    Love this! I hate to make promises I can’t keep, but I amy attempt to draw you and that cute cat. Always looking for things to draw since I’m forcing myself to do one ever day this year. ;)

    • henniemavis Says:

      I make promises I can’t keep all the time, so don’t worry about it, HA! (The ones I don’t keep are usually promises made to myself, not others… usually.)

      I love your ambitious sketching project. The drawing you did of Mary is really great! Eddie & I would be honored to be models for you, if you did decide to draw us :-)

  8. peggy fussell Says:

    That cat kiss is some unbearable cuteness, it is.

  9. Dad Says:

    Suggestion for album name “The Early Years – Slidie Pants Channels Floyd Cramer”.

    Sounds good … got music just fine!

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