Creative Every Day: Primitive iPAD

A few weeks ago (while looking for something else, of course), I uncovered 2 slates buried in a pile of shit — um, I mean, creative supplies — in my studio-office. I have no idea what they were from or for, so I brought them up to the house for play. I do most of my creative work in my studio, but I prefer to practice creative play at the house. Perhaps psychologically, I can relax better when I am not in my office? Makes sense. So I have a single drawer of art supplies stashed in a blanket chest in the livingroom.

Here’s a chalky mango I drew this morning after breakfast. These slates, I think they have untapped fun potential. Haven’t thunk it thru yet, but I have to say, it did occur to me that in using chalks, I was partly drawing with my fingers. On a bare-bones precursor of the iPAD? Except there’s no “Save” or “Undo” and my fingers actually get dirty. Art, unplugged. It’s challenging… yet, still so satisfying.

Hm… there’s a “slow food” movement to defend our agricultural heritage. I wonder if there’s a “slow art” movement to defend our pre-electronic era visual arts heritage? I wonder what other artists have said about this. I think I’ll Google it & see… ooo, my hyper electronic impulses are showing, HA!


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3 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Primitive iPAD”

  1. Louise Says:

    Glad you’re having messy fun! I like your mango very much.

  2. Melisa Says:

    I like this mango. It’s a shame there’s no save feature on your primitive ipad so you’ll have to wipe it off to do a new one.

  3. henniemavis Says:

    @Louise & Melisa: Thanks & welcome :-)

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