Happy Shopping Miracle Day

You know those moments in life when planets line up for an hour or so & you realize you’re in a yes-bubble? It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does, it’s grand! It happened to me yesterday afternoon :-)

I’ve been meaning to buy trail running shoes, cuz I need to start breaking them in now if I want them to be comfy for my first ever trail race in June (& longest run ever). I don’t really want to run that race in road shoes, but kept stalling the hunt for best footwear. I tried to corral the husband into a “shoe-shopping date” this weekend.

He didn’t bite. “Try EMS,” he says. “You’re going right by there this afternoon. Clearance sale, right now.” Come to find out, he actually reads his emailed sales-spam. Crap, I’ve been cornered! I was doubtful, but planned to stop in, just to say I looked. To some, “clearance” means good deals… to me, it means there’s basically nothing left.

Now you have to understand, I hate to shop. I never got that girl-gene. So if shopping for something suitable even starts to feel like too much trouble for me, my main goal quickly becomes ending my pain. This can go one of 2 ways: I find a suitable item & fork over top-dollar happily, just to end my “shopping experience.” Or I decide to go without the item indefinitely, just to end my “shopping experience.”

Anyway, I marched up to the shoe dept. guy at EMS & said “Got any size 8.5 women’s trail runners on clearance?”
(I didn’t look thru pile of boxes myself, that takes too long.)
“Trail running?” he says. “Not sure what’s left, let’s see…”

He pulls the only pair of trail runners they have in 8.5.
And they’re Brooks Cascadias (I love my Brooks Defyance).
And they’re marked down to $74.98… and I’d get 20% off that price!

Stunned, I whispered to the shoes “please fit me, oh God, please fit me well!” as I tried them on. They did! I paid & got the heck out of there before something bad happened, saying “woo hoo!” aloud as I crossed the parking lot. Exactly what I wanted @ bargain price, in & out in less than 20 min.? It was a shopping miracle. I bought the tulips next stop, to celebrate small miracles & the start of my next level of training! I’ve been pretty good about running regularly most of winter (3x/week outdoors, minus any accidental downtime). I officially started Hal Higdon’s 15K Training Plan this week, which at 10 weeks, will bring me right up to race day, less a 2 week cushion.

My next hope for a shopping miracle: finding a local grocery store that stocks my favorite protein snack. I don’t like making a spectacle of myself buying 30 tins of spicy sardines when we’re out of town.


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9 Responses to “Happy Shopping Miracle Day”

  1. meghan Ling Says:

    Tulips are my favorite celebration flowers, great call!
    Sardines? Not so much but hey, I eat olives with blue cheese inside so I shouldn’t say anything.
    Congrats on the new spiffy shoes, VERY BLUE!

    • henniemavis Says:

      I love olives so bleu cheese would be a bonus, cuz I love cheese, too :-)
      Wish I could be guaranteed of seeing you in Boston, I’d bring you some tulips post-race!

  2. Shannon Says:

    My trail runners are Salomon and I love them too!! And so what if I don’t run trails in them? We love sardines around here. I prefer them whole on toast slathered with mayonnaise. Marty smashes his up into extra hot sauce (of course) and eats them on ritz crackers with a slice of cheese.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Mmm, smashed on wheat toast sounds good, tho sans mayo for me… since mayo is no longer on my A-list (off the training diet). Rats. Which are also high-protein & might be good on toast, that’s how hungry I get on this training diet… sometimes…

  3. Jul Says:

    Congratulations on the shopping success! I hate shopping too, so much, but it’s such a relief to actually acquire something I’ve been needing. Art supplies are the one exception – I could shop for those all day long.

  4. mike Says:

    Yes, those are some pretty shoes! And very nice arrangement of receipt, price tag and shoe.
    New Hampshire doesn’t have sales tax? Good to know.

    Hal Higdon has helped many a runner. Just remember, as I’m sure you do, to let the plan flow with your life. A missed mile, a missed run, they are nothing in the bigger scheme of the plan. And then you will experience 15K domination!

  5. Melisa Says:

    Hmm, I live in Louisiana and have never seen this brand of sardines, even though they are Louisiana hot sauce flavored. I go for the hot mustard ones, myself but don’t have a favorite brand.

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