Weekword: Therapeutic

This week’s creative prompt in the form of a word, provided by Domestic Scribbles. Exercising my creativity is therapeutic so this word is not only fun to express, it’s good for my soul! Bonus :-)

In thinking about this word, I realized I am lucky to have quite a grab bag of therapeutic treatments at my disposal. If I am feeling sluggish, stressed or been confined to a chair all day, I run. It opens me up, takes me outdoors, really gets me breathing. A good bout of motion balances me out, physically & spiritually. Slow movement or stillness has its place too. That’s where counter-balance with yoga or meditation comes into play. I enjoy a mix of all that.

If I’m grumpy, muscle-sore, haven’t slept well or just need to relax, a hot bath is in order. Or in summer, a cool bath. Mmmm, with bubbles or bath salts, yes please! I love baths. I rip out all the stops. Candles. Beer or wine, herbal tea or cold lemon seltzer. Pumice stone & Yoga Toes for pampering my feet. Just writing about this makes me purr…

Also therapeutic to me: making art & reading books. Instead of heaven when I die, I want to be the resident ghost of a humongous used bookstore or library. Attached art studio would be requisite. Reading & art = discovery, renewal, inspiration.

Of all things therapeutic, laughter ranks at the top of my list. Good humor is everything to me. Boosts my confidence. Soothes worries. Turns me on. Laughing is practically a total cure-all. I can be crying my eyes out in full blown misery & if someone spits out the right  funny, that’s pretty much it. Situation over.

Quirky laughs are my favorite. The photo below was emailed to me by a friend. She gave me permission to post it, with my promise that I not give her a photo credit. These are real plumbers who fixed a problem in her basement. You know the stereotypical image of a plumber showing butt crack? Well, this is authentic plumber’s crack. OK, maybe not that funny. But she took a stealthy photo of it. Really funny! (Yes, you can click the photo to see it larger… but who would want to?)

For more therapeutic insights, visit Domestic Scribbles here & click on the listed participant’s blogposts.

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11 Responses to “Weekword: Therapeutic”

  1. John Says:

    What a great read, when I was a child I often thought it would be great to be a librarian surrounded by lots of great books, of course I hadn´t quite grasped that there is work involved as well. And a Bath, oh so good!

  2. tracy Says:

    Wonderful post! You had me with “real live plumber’s crack”. *lol*

  3. christine Says:

    I’m giggling!!! reading posts as I sip my morning cup of tea!!! your post is similar to mine! have a cozy weekend! — doing something therapeutic!

  4. Elena Says:

    Oh I loved your post. I was just thinking that I had to find out what people put in their baths as I’ve been finding myself craving a soak in a bath lately. And now I’m trying to peek at the names on those bottles you photographed. LOVED LOVED the shelves of books you included. I could get lost in there for hours/days. Great plumber shot too, hee hee. Please stop by and visit my Therapeutic post as well.

  5. Sally Says:

    We have some therapies in common. I love that picture of your toes peeking through the bubble bath! Fabulous!

  6. Domestic Scribbles Says:

    Awesome! “discovery, renewal, and inspiration” all of your means to an end accomplish that but I’m so glad you included laughter as I left that off my list. LOVE the official photo. Had a contractor who did plumbing as well and I didn’t want a picture of that. Your friend is a hearty soul. ;p Thanks for playing with me!

  7. B Says:

    Oh, good grief! That’s funny!! Love your post. Good words all. Happy weekend! B.

  8. Gina Says:

    bookstores and libraries are my second home as well. Cold Lemon selzter in the bath sounds good. I always feel like drinking a huge glass of ice water when I am in a bath! I think you hit the nail on the head, good therapy always seems to have a need for balance factor.

  9. bluerose Says:

    I like the picture of the bubble bath toes, also. And thanks for the therapeutic giggle at the end ;]

  10. Junebug Says:

    I’m with you on the baths, reading and yoga. Oh, how I miss my old yoga studio. Sigh.
    Thanks for the giggle.

  11. Carmen Hirkala Says:

    ROFL the plumber crack was priceless!! Hilarious and totally not what I expected to see at the end of this post :) I’m completely with you about wanting to spend the afterlife haunting the dusty stacks of a warm and cozy library, complete with art studio next door-I could spend eternity with books! Enjoyed all your therapeutic treatments (off to have a warm soak myself) and so glad we’ve got you back for weekwording :)

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