Weekly Mileage Record: 12 miles

This is awful to say at the holidays, since I oughta be practicing selfless giving & deadly sin reduction, but jeepers, am I proud of myself! I set a personal run mileage record: 12-mile total for the week. And remarkably, they were all outside! Hot bubblebaths & footrubs for everyone, woo hoo!

Turns out, me & Jack Frost are buds. Well, OK, not entirely. But we’re learning to get along :-) My fitness week went like this:
SUN, run 4 mi. outdoors plus serious end of year yardwork (hose schlepping, brush clearing, coop dredging — go ahead & scoff, but it counts as a workout, trust me!)
MON, 3 mi. power walk w/Teres in AM, then run 4 mi. outdoors in PM, just before my 1-hour strength training class as a chaser.
TUE, slack off totally.
WED, 1-hour yoga class.
THU, slack off (work was nuts).
FRI, 2.5 mi. walk w/Jaime.
SAT, run 4 mi. w/an additional 1 mi. cooldown walk.

Snubbing the treadmill = awesome. But outdoor winter-running is still fraught with issues. Motivating myself to get dressed & mentally prepared for the cold is really hard. And it’s only in the high-20s low-30s right now, no snow or ice yet. January should get interesting.

Post-run throat rawness is definitely annoying, but I have been trying a loose neck gaiter. It keeps my breath close to my face (warm?) but not on my face (wet, ew!). And I find running a little slower to enable nose-breathing over mouth-breathing (as Julie might say, monitoring my ‘sucking-air’ threshold), also helps protect my throat. Perk of throat rasp = lowers my voice-pitch for added sexiness. Downside of throat rasp = increased coughing, negates added sexiness, rats!

Being an afternoon runner, loss of daylight is my biggest handicap this time of year… which means I have to tear myself out of the office around 3pm to have any chance of weekday runs before nightfall. I am managing to squeeze that in so far, but after covering some last-miles in dusk so dim I’m at risk for a wipe out (on a dirt/gravel road, remember), I had to resort to bringing a headlamp with me. After some strap diddling, wearing one is not as uncomfortable or distracting as I thought it would be. In fact, ill-fitting long underwear slippage once I start to sweat is much more uncomfy & distracting… but that’s another matter, HA! Suffice to say wearing lots of layers while running takes some getting used to. Skimpy shorts & tanks, oh, how I miss them.

So yeah, I’m desperate enough to run in the dark now (insert big grin from Mike here). I think that brings me to the next level, cripes. All time high or new low? Jury’s out. If I ever switch to morning runs, tho… Armageddon… just sayin’.


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16 Responses to “Weekly Mileage Record: 12 miles”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Just be extra careful when it gets slippery!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, congrats.

    I’m exercising more too–I have a echo stress test a week from today, and want to pass it with flying colors.

  2. Jul Says:

    Congrats on setting a personal record!

    My husband has been running a lot these days, in sub-zero temps on snow and ice; I think he’s crazy, but he loves it!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Maybe your hub has some tips for me? I don’t love running outside in winter… yet… but here’s the funny thing: I like being outside in winter… & I really like running… so why don’t I love the combo? Hmm. Snowshoeing, XC-ski touring or hiking have always been preferred :-)

  3. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    Any excuse to get out jogging, right? thanks!!! :-D

  4. heatherlorin Says:

    Congrats on your personal best – that’s awesome! I’m still chugging along and did my longest run ever this week – 4.8 miles – woot!

    Good for you for braving the outdoors. Once you get moving it’s not so bad. For me it was always the chapped lips that were a problem but Aquaphor cured that so I have no excuses. Still, I moved inside to the treadmill when it started getting into the 20s in the morning. Daisy is NOT a cold-weather running dog.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Hey, stranger! 4.8 miles is totally awesome, Heather! Good for you!

      Glad to see you’re still at it. Your blog wasn’t showing any new posts, so I thought you had lost steam. Hooray, I’m wrong! Yes, I’m sure I will ultimately end up on the treadmill when snow & ice kicks in.

  5. mike Says:

    What a killer week! To be resumed post x-mas, right!

    Well, I love the winter air. Breathing it in makes me feel so alive in marked contrast to that disgusting 100 degree summer air.

    Hey, thanks for your attention to make cake situation, I kept your advice about everyone’s inate artistic ability close to heart.
    And seeing your husband’s mushroom/log cake and the effort involved was great motivation!

    If I don’t drop you a line in the meanwhile, Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. meghan Ling Says:

    Great job on your mileage and I agree, running with layers is a total drag! I hate being HOT and sweaty and having it all trapped on my skin!
    Happy Holidays, H!

  7. henniemavis Says:

    @Mike & Meghan: Thanks & Happy New Year… which might be the next time I run? HA! I am trying to get one last blog post in before the holidays are over, but other pressing deadlines (Christmas) are taking precedence :-)

  8. meghan Ling Says:

    Please come and pee in my shower, we’d have SO much fun together!! Happy New Year to you!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Oh sure, you always fear that at the gym, but if it’s me at your home, no worries then, eh? HA! All peeing aside, we really would have a blast at a race :-) You’d finish first & could then cowbell me across the line. I’d love it! I think I’d love a run in CA, too. See? You’ve got a lot going for you in getting me to visit someday!

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