Mild or Severe Winter?

According to old almanacs, this fuzzy little bugger can predict my winter. This one’s giving a “mild” forecast, I think? Upon further reading, however, it seems the whole “read my stripe” thing is a ruse… and since he won’t talk, it looks like I’m on my own.

So… I have planned some things to help get me thru:
– Running 3x/week
– Loud music & cavalier attitude
– Tues. strength-training classes w/hand weights & mat exercises
– Lots of hot cocoa/coffee/tea by day, occasional booze @ night (will reverse order, if necessary)
– Wed. yoga classes
– Sulking & staring wistfully out windows, petting stupified cats until I too am entranced
– Woodland/mountain hikes & snowshoe/XC-ski jaunts (snow pending)
– Practice playing piano until there’s no way I can still suck
– Commiserating w/real local friends; whining to imagined online pals

Feel free to offer me further suggestion. I like options.


5 Responses to “Mild or Severe Winter?”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    With my dyslexia, I can never remember whatever they used to say the rule was anyway, but I like your list of coping mechanisms.

    They used to say that if you stepped on a daddy long legs, you’d get ten days of rain. I hate to think of the ten months of snow you might get if you accidentally stepped on a woolly bear! Poor woolly bear!

  2. mike Says:

    I love winter despite the cold and darkness.
    But I don’t think I do enough sulking, so thanks for the reminder.

    Further suggestion?
    Do a polar bear plunge.

  3. mary taitt Says:

    I used to love those polar bear dips–not any more. And boy am I careful to avoid the Daddy Long-legs–if I can help it–I must have gotten one too!

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