I Know Why They Call It “Fall”

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Fall. Because it’s the time of year to fall behind on my work, fall into disarray, fall off the fitness wagon, fall down a well emotionally. I’ve had some personal disaster amid a wondrous backdrop of color, HA! For one month every year, our 2 miles of dirt road is particularly beautiful. A comfort before the approaching winter. Two miles of awe, whenever I go in or out, on foot or by car. And now it’s over.

Fortunately, like everything else in life, falls are impermanent. Eventually, you hit the ground & get up. My pendulum has finally begun to swing back upward, toward organization, strength, inspiration. I bought a new planner for 2011 — yes, I still use the non-electronic kind. I am already getting tips for winter training, which I am implementing, finally! I ran 2.5 mi. Wed. & 3.75 Fri., my first in a while (last run was Oct. 19, yikes). Last night, I ran 3 mi. on the treadmill. It gets dark so early now, I might have to do indoor stints to keep pace. Wow, haven’t run on a treadmill since January. It’s still as boring as I remembered it.

So… I’m back on the wagon, I hope? I’m shit-canning run times cuz I don’t care about speed right now. My primary goal is to just keep running, 3x/week thru winter, at distances of 3 to 6 mi. a pop. Treadmill or outdoors, whatever I can manage. My first 15K is mid-June, so I’ll start time-training & extending distances from to 7, 8, 9 mi. come March. That’s the plan, Stan.

I also need to get caught up at work. I need to finish my latest sketch-exchange Moleskine. I need to work on diet changes (more protein & fiber, less fat & carbs). And get a grip on Christmas. Shopping is something I really dread. Do they have “training plans” for that? Do I have to shop for an hour 3x/week? Oh geez, I’d pick the treadmill over shopping, most happily. Maybe if I shop for wine first, the rest of my shopping will get easier? Rioja (say ‘ree-oh-hah’), anyone? HA!


6 Responses to “I Know Why They Call It “Fall””

  1. Andrea Says:

    Arg! The damned fall pendulum. I totally know what you mean. Last fall was an all time low for me in so many ways. I hope you can continue on your uptick. Here’s some luck to me from you.

    Lovely photos!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks, sister! Mental boosts of luck are appreciated. I’m normally such a high person that when I go low for more than a few hours, it can really scare people ;-)

  2. mary taitt Says:

    Sure is purty! I had that same calendar! Once. When I fell off, I fell hard. Never got back up.

  3. mike Says:

    Holy crap, Oct 19th? Holy crap, January?
    If you really hate that treadmill THAT much, and if you don’t already own any, maybe you want to take one of those 3×1 hour shopping sessions and order yourself some shoe traction aid/grips. That way you can get out and enjoy that beautiful-for-one-month dirt road (cool slideshow) of yours independent of the conditions.
    But, I think you’re definitely on the right track. No more inertia.
    Stay in motion!

    And no matter what method you use for your training log, it is a valuable tool and motivator. I only switched to Google Docs for my log because I could update it anywhere, not being the type that likes to carry around books and stuff.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I already own YakTrax & 2 other brands/kinds of strap-on “snowtires for one’s feet.” I need them just for walking up & down our icy driveway without breaking my neck! Running in them just seems, well… really reckless?

      We’ll see. I do really hate the treadmill… but I’m torn between trying to find a way to love it, or freezing my ass off & risking injury outdoors. Such pleasant options :-)

      Gasp! I am going to pretend you did not just say “…not being the type that likes to carry around books.”

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