Garlic & Arts Festival: Stinkin’ Good Time

Remember the art supply & hot sauce store I mentioned previously, a genius combination in my eyes? Here’s my new favorite combo: the North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival. Garlic & arts, double-yum! Who thinks up this stuff? Even their promotional t-shirts were clever, as shown on the 2 guys above. I will have to volunteer next year. I want a stinkin’ shirt!

As garlic festivals go, un-Zen Mark might be happy to know that this one’s got Gilroy CA beat handily. Hey folks, plan your vacation around an October trip to Orange, MA — good food, clever crafts, live bands & Mark, there was absolutely no “creepy guy at the end,” HA!

The Latino jazz band kicked booty. The guitarists & the guy on the congas, wow! Sadly, I got only this one low-res pic. First time using our new Sony Cybershot camera. Did I read the instructions first? Of course not.

The food was delish. I had roasted garlic & root veggie soup w/a hunk of crusty brick-oven bread, slathered in a thick garlic-butter spread. I was too full for the garlic cookies. We saw people eating garlic ice cream, too. Despite my skepticism, they swore it was good. I dunno. I gotta draw the line somewhere.

Good crafts, check(book). I usually buy pottery, but fragile purchases were a bad choice, because we rode our bikes (more about that in a minute)… so I bought a nifty snap-purse at Lou’s Upcycles booth. Colorful & quilty, her reclaimed “trash” art is functional & pretty. All kinds of totes, purses, cell phone covers, wallet & checkbook covers, hats & handbags sewn from plastic frozen food bags, snack food bags, kitty litter bags. An awesome way to recycle those materials & I wasn’t the only one to think so. I had to wait in line to pay her, her booth was that jammed with shoppers!

Cute farm animals, yay. Yes, this fair had an agricultural angle… so I got to see some darling, curly-feathered Sebastopol geese & a pair of milking Nubian goats. NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Assoc.) had a booth, too.

Bonus points for exercise. Because of the very small, rural location, there was almost NO parking at the fairground itself. Most everyone had to park in a field 4.5 mi. away & take shuttle buses. We parked, but then rode our bikes instead of the shuttle. We got “the back way” directions from a parking attendant. Dirt roads, gorgeous fall colors, it was a great ride in! On the ride out, I was burping garlic, tho happily… at least I wasn’t trapped on a shuttle bus with other garlic-reekers doing the same ;-)

It was a really fun day. Definitely going to this festival again — but on Saturday next year, not Sunday — so we can buy some new seed-garlic varieties to plant. They were already sold-out by Sunday!

All through October, I was still into garlic. Cooking it, eating it, planting it, drawing it. I did this painting of apples & garlic about a week after the festival. What I need to do is stop thinking about food & get my lazy can on fluid trainer or treadmill more often. Man, when it gets cold, all I wanna do is lay around & eat, paint, read, watch movies and/or snooze! I don’t even blog much, apparently. This is my first end-of-year as a blogger & it’s not lookin’ good ;-)


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9 Responses to “Garlic & Arts Festival: Stinkin’ Good Time”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    YAY! How much fun is all that! FAB!! Wish I were there. I miss you! WAHN!!!! Wish we lived closer. Mmmm yummy tasty garlic. Mmmmm yummy tasty art. I love the one with apples!

  2. mike Says:

    Yeah, we’ll just dangle a garlic on a string in front of the treadmill/trainer.
    You need to push through this little dip in motivation!

    And we agree: Garlic buttered bread, yes. Garlic Ice Cream, no way!

    Very cool t-shirts.
    I also like those Sebastopol geese much better than our pudgy Canadian geese.

  3. peggy fussell Says:

    YUM!!!! I plan to get my garlic in the ground this weekend. Fingers crossed. BTW, Is there a South Quabbin too?

    • henniemavis Says:

      You still have time before the ground freezes, lucky duck!

      North or South Quabbin mostly denotes region, not town, so yes, there is a “South Quabbin!” Do you know the history of the Quabbin Reservoir? By the 1920s, Boston had outgrown its natural water sources… so the state of MA planned to create a huge, manmade reservoir in western MA, the Quabbin. In 1938, they dammed & flooded the entire Swift River Valley, including 4 towns now forever underwater. We’ve been to the Swift River Historical Society Museum, which features the records, old photos & histories of the 4 towns & their former residents. It’s fascinating!

  4. mary taitt Says:

    The Quabbin is TRULY FASCINATING–also beautiful! Lots of great wildlife, eagles etc. I love it there.

    I’ve never grown garlic. Onions yes, garlic, no–how do I do it?

    • henniemavis Says:

      Plant cloves in fall. Next spring, when it grows, cut off the flower buds (forces growth to the bulb). In summer, when tops die back, harvest & dry. It’s that easy :-)

  5. Mark Says:

    You’re a really good artist. I love the garlic and apples picture and also that purple garlic in the post after this. This festival definitely sounds better than the Gilroy one! Now I’m wondering how someone can make good bags out of recycles plastic bags. And creatively enough that there would be a line to buy them! Got any pictures of those?

    That stinkin’ volunteer shirt also rocks. Way better than any race shirt I’ve gotten!

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