Creative Every Day: ArtRage on iPad

Last week, I doodled this purple garlic bulb on a friend’s new iPad in ArtRage, to try both pad & program for the first time. Shucks, I might have to get an iPad now :-) Mostly neato, but I noticed that WordPress didn’t seem to have all the features I’m used to, when I logged on from the iPad vs. my Dell here at home. I never tried blogging in WP from our iMac, so I don’t know how iPad compares to that. Not sure what the issue was, but it’s something to consider before I buy.

I struggled for over an hour on this, due to my limited experience with digital drawing/painting programs. I used Adobe Illustrator & PhotoShop back in the 80s, but whoa, iPad lets me draw with my finger. And ArtRage has too many tool choices & tweaking options. Hm, I’m not in Kansas anymore, am I? I tried not to think how I could’ve banged out the same result with a purple marker & pastel in about 5 minutes. It’s about learning new ways. It’s not about making pretty art in a way I already know.

Steep learning curve is my thing lately. Just got a Sony Cybershot camera I don’t know how to use yet. And I’m trying to decide on a new phone, too. One with a full keypad, as I’m eligible for phone upgrade & just added texting to my plan. No “smart phone” yet? Right-o. I don’t think I’m smart enough to use it! What I need is a techno-savvy personal shopper to help me out. They probably have an iPhone app for that, huh? Oy.


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13 Responses to “Creative Every Day: ArtRage on iPad”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    I love it. And I love the iPad, though it does have some shortcomings. Still–it’s a giant leap forward. I don’t know how soon they’ll come out with the next iteration, but it might be heads and shoulders above this one if they fix a few of its glitches.

    The iPhone runs some of the same programs, but I know nothing about the other fancy phones. (I don’t have an iPhone, but know people who do–my cell is very primitive, though its the third generation since my analogue cell.)

    • henniemavis Says:

      Smart phones aren’t a good option for me, since cell service way out here is marginal at best. And for the iPad to be handy, we’ll need a booster of some sort to bounce the Internet signal from the barn-office uphill to the house. I still prefer a simple country life… but now maybe with a few techno-frills :-)

  2. mike Says:

    Let me see how long it takes me to whip up a stick figure onion.

    So THAT’S my problem: I need an iPAD, too.
    Honest, I’ll be frickin Picasso, I just need the right tools.

    I think it looks great, and would look better next to a 15K logo ;-)

    • henniemavis Says:

      If you wanna whip something, lay off the stick-figures & start lashing my flanks! I am having serious motivational setback. My winter “training” schedule is light, alright. I’m in my running duds now, tho. I’m trying for a turnaround today. Really. I really am :-)

  3. meghan Ling Says:

    EEE gads…I have a smart phone that I “smartly” flushed down the toilet at the eye doctor’s. I screamed, stuck my hand into the bowl and fished it out as it was swirling around inside. Once retrieved, I cried and tried to open it with my wet, slippery fingers(just water, don’t worry)and then found a guy from the office to help me. Once opened, I realized it was wet inside, yes, THE BATTERY was wet. I kept rubbing the it on my pant leg, crying(not really, just really upset)…and to make a LONG story short, three hours later I was still drying it out with my hair dryer at home. Guess what I learned? There’s no ap for that. The phone still works and even the camera that was taking fuzzy pictures for a week, still works. I just told my husband the other day and also admitted to him that I’m not SMART enough to own a smart phone. Ugh. I really didn’t want it anyway, too much pressure.
    True story.

    H, I can’t believe you live in such COLD weather. You are WAY tougher than I, marathon included.

    Love the garlic art, I can’t believe that was done on an i pad! Such talent…

    • henniemavis Says:

      Gee, I never thought about it falling down a toilet! Silly me, I was mostly concerned about my technological ineptitude, not my butterfingers. HA!

      I’ll trade you my art talent for your marathon ability? Just for year, so we can each see what it’s like? Deal or no deal, thanks for popping in :-)

  4. Mari Says:

    ACH! I love your Garlic Head. And I am a ipad drawing app addict. It is the bomb. You are right that it is difficult if not impossible to tweak you blog in either wordpress or blogger with it. I have read somewhere that Ipad will be getting updated safari softwear in the near future which should eliminate these problems.

    Here is hoping!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Yeah, not being able to blog from iPAD is a major put-off for me. I like the drawing play on it, but am so slow at it right now, I can’t imagine getting into it. Besides, this may sound funny, but I like the “messiness” of art made with real paints, paper, glue, glitter, graphite & more. In that sense, digital art leaves me cold. On the flipside however, “un-do that last move” with a single poke of my finger? Pretty darn handy ;-)

  5. mary taitt Says:

    I just “painted” a new picture on the iPad with Artrage in the back seat of the car in the dark driving back and forth to Krista’s baptism. That would have been darn near impossible with real paints in a bumping car in the dark. But I entertained myself and was still able to participate in the conversation. But blogging is definitely harder. :-(

    I tend to use the thing more recreationally doing art than I expected to–and less writing and blogging etc than I thought I would.

  6. mary taitt Says:

    LOL! Oh-oh–hope I’m not in trouble for introducing you to it!!!

  7. mary taitt Says:

    WOW! Not many people will admit that! :-D

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