Creative Every Day: Passion Tea

I’ve been a total slacker in the blog department lately. I’m still up to all kinds of no-good, but am too exhausted to post pics. Here’s a little taste of something I did for a friend in my sketchbook exchange group. Made my own tea tag for this packet of Tazo “Passion” tea. I drew heart art on one side (flame art on side-B) & tied a kitchen match to the string.

The idea is that you make a cup of tea & enjoy it, while you literally light your heart(tag) on fire! Needs product testing. I wonder if I can set off a smoke alarm with my passionately burning heart? You betcha ;-)


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2 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Passion Tea”

  1. mike Says:

    “total slacker in the blog department lately”

    I just figured you went all Hollywood on us after your appearance in Poultry Digest.

    I like your creation here.
    Made me flashback to my 13th birthday. Finally a teenager.
    Mom, Dad. I can light my own candles.
    Except I couldn’t strike the match.
    At least my Dad caught every moment on video.
    Pretty well summed up at least the next 7 years, possibly the next 11.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’m an online-slacker cuz I’ve been away too much over the last month. Just got back today from 6 days in Detroit (blog post to follow, if I can catch up on my work by the weekend, moan). That was my last trip of the year, whew!

      Re: your match-striking learning disability, um… I thought me struggling to learn piano at my age was intimidating! Now I feel proud that I can strike a match. You turn my mood so easily, making you very handy to have around…

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