Hennie Famous, HA!

Please, let this not be my only chance at “15 minutes of fame,” HA! I was amused to receive my complimentary issue of Chickens magazine today. You heard me, there’s a magazine on backyard poultry. I was surprised, too, when a writer first approached me about being part of an article. I was tickled to be interviewed, but a little nervous how I might come across. I mean, I’m no chicken expert. I just raise hens for food & fun. But I think that’s what this magazine is supposed to be about: everyday people like myself & my husband who are experiencing small scale versions of farming at home. The writer did a great job conveying my sensitivities as a person who loves animals, yet happens to be an omnivore wanting some control over the quality & treatment of her food.

So there I am, pgs. 34 – 39 Fall/Winter 2010 issue at a newstand near you, supposedly. It appears I’m a credible source of information on keeping food sources (in this case, eggs then meat) as natural, fresh & “close to home” as possible, because hey, I’ve been quoted in print now (wink). I’d better change my name to “Hennie Maven.” HA!


And finally, to prove my love of live hens, as well as Chicken Cacciatore, here’s a pic of my sweet Dinah, who is 5 yrs. old & will never be on my chopping block, for personal attachment reasons. I adore her! I doubt she laid 6 eggs all year, but she’ll tolerate cuddling & eat corn from my hand. She has survived 2 hawk attacks & is the Grande Dame of my coop. Isn’t she lovely?


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19 Responses to “Hennie Famous, HA!”

  1. Aya Says:

    This is so cool! I love the photo of the two of you and the chicken!
    I wonder if B&N in New York carries this, I’m going to check on Monday!

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! I would be shocked & laugh if you actually found it anywhere at all, Aya. If you find it & get to read the article, tell me if my quotes sound smart tho geeky? Honestly!

  2. heatherlorin Says:

    Congrats on the article – very cool. Hey…weren’t you going to tell us where Henniemavis comes from? Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. mary taitt Says:

    YAY! YAY chickens, yay hens! Yay 15 minutes of fame!

    FUn picture!

  4. peggy fussell Says:

    Fantastic!! Cute photo too. I’m getting myself a copy! I still have my fingers crossed that I’ll find you in OSTRICH magazine someday.

  5. Pearl Says:

    that’s kinda neat. seems to me as soon as I start something I suddenly become an in-house expert. everyone wants someone to lead as authority. for hens, it’s you.

  6. Julie Says:

    That is so cool! You are famous….congrats on the interview:)

    Thanks for the kind comment you left about my marathon! I appreciate it:) Have a wonderful week!

  7. mike Says:

    Hmmm, guess I’ll have to head West on 322 yet again…to find a copy of this.
    And judging from the picture alone, I think this should be a very satisfying 15 minutes, it looks great.
    And wow, I’m so excited about your upcoming post. Oh, and I used that word the other day, pusillanimous. I accidentally pasted it into a text message and left my brother scratching his head upon receipt. So Thank You!

    • henniemavis Says:

      My upcoming post? Which one?

      HA about your brother! Here, paste this in next time: http://tinyurl.com/24y3f5j
      Same definition, less erudite & all the more FUN :-)
      Bonus points: if you’re at work, scroll down to the “audio” pronunciation button & lay on it until you get some attention!

      • mike Says:

        If I played that audio at work, my desk would be flooded by people matching the description. Damnit.

        Upcoming post.
        Let’s see:
        Hey…weren’t you going to tell us where Henniemavis comes from?
        HA! That’s right, I never did explain the Henniemavis thing. It’ll be my next post, I swear

        Oooo, better get to work.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Good thing we’re not co-workers, as I could cause a major drop in billable hours.
        Unless you were my supervisor, able to keep me focused, like above. (Warning: my being self-employed for 10+ years ruins me for all gainful employment elsewhere.)

  8. Andrea Says:

    Wow! 2 hawk attacks, what a badass.


    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! Both times, we accidentally scared off the attacker (goshawk) while Dinah was being plucked, yet before she’d been killed. Thus, she healed, both times. She’s no badass, just super lucky. She is “endearing” tho!

  9. meghan Ling Says:

    ha, ha Hen-nie Maven!!
    Your fame and photo made me smile BIG TIME! Don’t be jealous but I just asked for a HUGE incubator through a mini-grant at school. Books? Computers? Materials for “learning?” Heck no! I asked for a badass incubator since my old one was on it’s last leg. Last year’s chicks barely hatched and only one hen survived, “Henny Penny.” She was our mascot at the jog-a-thon. yes, really.
    Hennie, you and I are from the same egg :) .
    Congrats on your fame; roll in it, dust if off and frame it . You are adorable!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Hens make excellent mascots! I have a HUGE incubator too — her name is “Puffy” (big black Cochin hen), HA! Glad you’re equipped for better chick-survival this year, poor little dears!

      First 10K in less than 2 hrs. Eeek, so I’m glad to think of you just now. Gives me strength :-)

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