New Personal Worst, Oops

Well, at least we looked good for this year’s Angels Triathlon team! Having been body-marked for our recuperating friend Ruth as our “angel” of inspiration (everyone has a chosen “angel” written on their left arm), we all had high hopes that morning.

My swimming sister & biking Mom both had better performances this year over last… but geez, my dream of a new personal best for the 5K run was soon crushed. Instead, I bagged a new personal worst. I ran 31:30, not sure how or why? I think it was mostly the heat (88). Last year, our team was done by 10:30am, as my sister had been scheduled for an early start time. This year, she was not scheduled to start swimming until 10:06am, which meant that by the time she got out of the pool & Mom did her bike route, I was starting my run at 11:20am. It was HOT & the transitional area was in full sun. Maybe the late start time fouled up my eating & stretching, too, who knows.

We still had a fun day, so I’m trying to get over it. The all-girls weekend helped. Watching movies, eating, shopping. Yes, I’m moving on… but I have to get back on the fitness track soon. Long hours in transit by car & train gave me plenty of time for reading & sketching, but no time for workouts. Got home late Tues., but I did walk 5 mi. on Wed. & did my strength training class today. Only 15 days til my first 10K race attempt, if my nerve holds, eek! And tomorrow, I leave for another 4-day trip to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary. At least it’s only a 4 hr. drive, so time for exercise is on the docket. The good news: we’re taking our bikes, hiking boots & running gear. The bad news: we’re also planning fine dining into the mix. Uh oh, I feel some good white wine coming on… followed by a very naughty creme brulee, mmm!

I had been trying to get back down to my “wedding weight” as a goal for my anniversary. Another fail, HA! I need to knock off just 10 lousy pounds & I’m there. That same 10 lb. overage is probably what’s holding me back from a 9-min. mile. Grrr, sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a foodie. But oh, then I see a lovely boursin just waiting to melt on my tongue & suddenly, being a hardbody-wannabe with a slight paunch seems not all that bad :-)


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9 Responses to “New Personal Worst, Oops”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    On the bright side, your personal worst beats my personal best. Stick with me and you’ll feel like a superstar! :)

  2. Shannon Says:

    Mmm, boursin. Our mom is so adorable. That’s a great pic.

  3. mike Says:

    Ugh, what difficult race conditions. Don’t worry about the time, with those temps your body should be in survival mode. Keep focused on that 10K, your 5 miler was proof of your sustainable pace.
    Otherwise, I dunno, maybe flex your calves a few time on those long train rides, maintain your fitness on the road.
    The sun was a little brighter in D’town the other day, I’ll assume you did pass through then.
    Cool race with the women in your family. You are very lucky.

    • henniemavis Says:

      True, I am blessed with quite a few neato women relatives. Ruth was a gym teacher before retirement. She sent us “achievement ribbons” after our first family tri. Better than free socks & t-shirts, for sure!

      I’m trying to stay on the 10K thing… but I confess, I haven’t registered yet… um… I will? I hope ;-)

  4. mary taitt Says:

    Well–I am glad it was FUN anyway–sorry about the personal worst, the sunshine and heat and so on!!!!!

    I must be a real loser–I don’t remember the times for when I used to race–guess it wasn’t all that important to me–running was the real thing. I mean, I always liked the running itself.

    I love that first photo, LOL!!! :-D FUN!

  5. Pearl Says:

    great that you’re getting yourself out there. that training good for cardio and mental health, I’d bet.

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