Angels Triathlon Weekend, Take 2

Yay, 6 days of vacation time has just begun! I’m heading to southeastern PA to connect with my Mom, then we ride for my sister’s in Winston-Salem, NC, where the 3 of us will be a relay team in the Angels Race Triathlon on Sunday. I hope I can run on as long as that last sentence. And let’s hope they give us more colorful t-shirts this year. This gray one is last year’s dull giveaway… but in all fairness, I did love the quick-dry fabric!

We girls did this race for the first time last September, and this might be our last year as a team, since my sister has declared she wants to do the full tri alone next year. Right now, she’s our team swimmer, Mom’s the biker & I am the runner. “I’m a runner.” Saying that about myself, it still makes me laugh :-)

2009’s 5K time to beat is 30:01. I know I can beat that. I held back last year, as I didn’t know the course & it was also my first summer of running since high school! If I want a real challenge, I should try to beat 28:37, which is my 5K personal best to date. Hmm, I might be able to beat it, if the weather’s nice & I snack at just the right time in the transitional area. The spectator energy at this sprint tri is on my side, too. Yeah, I’ll shoot for a new personal best… under 28:00.

That said, I have a terrible confession. I haven’t run even once since my last race on Labor Day. I’ve been active, just haven’t run. Not sure why? I think the mustering of nerve I needed to run my first 5-miler must have sucked up all my concentration?

I’m trying to readjust my attitude. I suckered cajoled a non-running friend to join me for a power-walk last Friday, so I could scout the 10K course I’m planning to race on October 10th. I’m still a tad chickenshit, but I’m almost certain I will try for the Leafpeeper Classic as my first 10K. After all, a 10K was my goal for this year. I’d better get running again, as I only have 3 weeks left to train.

Hope this weekend’s breezy 5K will get me back in the swing of things, especially when I bag that new personal best. HA! Fun to get cocky with myself before a race…

Other amusements planned for the trip: eating good ethnic food one can only find in urban areas (mmm, Thai first, please!), working in my latest exchange group sketchbook (10-hr. trainride), napping whenever or wherever possible (I’ll be 26 hrs. in a car over the next 5 days & did I mention the 10 hr. trainride?)… oh & maybe some shopping, if my sister can tempt me. I hate shopping, but can sometimes bear it if she’s with me to boost morale.

Postscript: I will not be posting race results until midweek. I’m leaving the laptop at home & told my sister to slap my wrist if I try to use hers! Taser, if necessary.


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9 Responses to “Angels Triathlon Weekend, Take 2”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    Good luck and have FUN! Looking forward to the update next week. :)

  2. mike Says:

    Please be kind to the other passengers!
    And good luck in your race, no worries about not running since Labor Day, you’ve got great base fitness.

  3. sandy coleman Says:

    Hope you race went well.

  4. mary taitt Says:

    Hope it all goes well!!! Or, went well, and the next trip as well.
    I never saw this earlier, I think because I was away.

    I love this: I’m leaving the laptop at home & told my sister to slap my wrist if I try to use hers! Taser, if necessary. LOL!! :-D

  5. mary taitt Says:

    OH, I missed your comment that it didn’t go well–WAHN! :-(

    Well, at least you had fun. :-D

  6. peggy fussell Says:

    Why would you be chickenshit about a leafpeeper? I hope you had a great trip!!

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